Enhance your hair and beard growth with natural food

Your hair is like a plant, if you seek to have long and healthy hair, then you need to feed it thoroughly. Some people will depend on some products on the market to enhance scalp hair and beard growth

such as shampoos, conditioners, oils, balms or sprays. However, you can achieve the same results at home without paying much money for these products.

When we eat the suitable food and plan a daily diet, we can support our hair and beard with appropriate amounts of food essential for its health and growth. You may notice that some people have natural awesome hair that grows fast and long without using hair products. While other people will need to use hair growth products and to go on a diet to have healthy hair.

Hair and beard growth may have a direct effect on self-esteem and confidence. Consequently, stress and other psychological conditions will have a direct relation to hair growth. As a result, we need to know much about hair; and its growth cycle and how to prevent hair loss.

Why do we lose hair?

For both men and women, hair is considered one of the most important aesthetic elements of their looking. Nevertheless, sometimes hair becomes a factor of many psychological problems when the person suffers excessive hair loss. A person with baldhead may feel a lack of self-confidence due to his overall looking, especially among the crowd and social events. We lose hair due to different reasons. The basic reasons for hair loss are 4:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Age/time
  • Stress

When it comes to genes, you will need to know the real functions of genes. We inherit these genes for both father or mother sides due to specific reasons. Baldness is a gene that requires one of the two pairs of the chromosome to appear on children. Some people may suffer these signs of baldness in adulthood, while rare instances appear in puberty.

Second, hormones are another factor of hair loss if they fluctuate evenly. Our glands produce hormones in tiny amounts to control some functions in our bodies. For example, they manage hair, bone, puberty and other functions. The only hormone that has a direct relation to hair loss is testosterone. A male hormone controls manliness and other signs of puberty in men. However, it may appear in women as a secondary hormone to control some sex functions. When the glands produce noticeable amounts of male hormones such as DHT, some changes in hair growth will happen. The follicles of hair will become weaker due to male hormones and they shed hair shafts.

Finally, time and age have a direct relation to hair loss. Baldness needs time to appear in both men and women. All the effects of genes and hormones will appear after certain time. As we become older, our bodies will not be able to perform the same as in puberty. All the functions of the body become weaker due to cell metabolism and other factors. If your baldness genes are dominant, they will need time to appear.

Ways to stimulate hair, beard growth, and prevent hair loss naturally

Our hair needs some care to perform well and grow healthy and long. Forget all about hormones and genes and support your hair with the suitable food to reduce the effects of these hormones and genes. Start with the natural nutritional elements to support your hair and do not think about hair products until you give your hair the food it requires.

The most affecting elements on hair growth and health is iron because it is the basic reason behind hair thinning. Iron is a basic element in blood health, and our hair needs enough blood flow to support it with the basic elements carried on its cells. Platelets depend on iron for its formation.

When we eat the suitable food that contains enough amounts of iron, it will enhance blood health and flow to the scalp. In addition, you can find iron in some available foods at homes, such as broccoli, lean meat, spinach, and legumes. If you do not eat enough amount of food that contains iron, you will feel exhausted due to the lack of enough blood flow. Consequently, your hair will suffer the same problem, as the basic nutritional elements need appropriate blood flow to reach the follicles and roots of the hair.

Iron depends on other elements for its absorption such as vitamin C. When you eat enough amounts of iron, they will need to reach skin and hair thoroughly. Vitamin C will do this work well when you drink or eat food rich in the vitamin. It also contains a noticeable amount of antioxidants that make absorption of iron more even. Orange and guava are available fruits that contain huge amounts of vitamin C and they will not affect your daily diet. Your scalp and beard hair need iron and vitamin C in combination to perform well and grow healthier.

Your beard and hair need some other elements to protect them from weather changes, dust and other factors that may affect their growth. Eating grains and cereals will support your beard and hair with the required amount of zinc that will keep your skin, hair smooth and well moisturized, and it will prevent dryness.

You can find the same element in egg, milk, and beef. As well as, your hair and beard require nourishment and moisture. You can have these features from almond butter, Shea butter, and beeswax, which contains vitamin E. This vitamin is essential for preventing dryness of the skin and nourishment of both beard and hair.

Stimulating hair growth with hair and beard products

Some people may feel unable to have all the required vitamins, proteins and minerals essential for hair and beard growth and health. As well as, they may feel that they eat enough food for that, but their bodies cannot consume them thoroughly.

Using some hair and beard products will support them with the required food. Some of these products are topical such as shampoos, balm, wax, conditioner, balsam, and sprays. However, your beard may need special products especially in the first stages of beard growth. Beard oils, beard balms, wax, and butter are among the basic beard products you will need.

They contain the basic natural elements such as vitamin E, C, A and K, and minerals that can control dryness and other skin issues. These products can prevent several beard conditions such as dandruff, split ends, and breakage. In addition, they contain some basic elements essential for beard growth and health.

Finally, you need to know that you should be careful when choosing any product that has a direct contact with your skin. All the ingredients in these products should be natural and free from any chemical or synthesized formulas. Going natural is the best option for a healthy and nourished hair.

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