How to get rid of bunions

What are bunions?

Hallux Valgus , more colloquially called bunion of the first toe. It is a deformity of the first toe in which there is a deviation of the phalanges inward and the metatarsal outward. The way the foot works during walking is abnormal and favors the deforming of the bones as a result of the body’s load and the mechanical function to which it is subjected. It is a deformity that creates serious problems of aesthetics, foot support and walking.


  • The genetic origin influences the type of foot (Egyptian foot or Greek foot) which produces alterations in the tension of the tendons that help to produce the deformity.Types of feet
  • The inflammatory processes , rheumatic and neurological diseases.
  • The improper shoes , high heeled shoe with high heel and narrow tip.
  • Some traumas also produce bunions.
  • The advance of age and obesity with degenerative problems is the cause of the appearance of bunions.
  • The pronation of the foot, the contracture of the Achilles tendon …

Are these your symptoms?

Foot enlarged with a bulge on the inside with reddened skin, shiny, thin and sometimes ulcerated, other times with calluses. It produces intense pain and alterations of the aesthetics and of the march. The first toe is deviated outwards. The second toe moved upwards in claw or hammer position. Frequently with painful calluses, they prevent the use of normal footwear. The anterior sole of the foot (metatarsalgia) may ache with the appearance of a fall of the anterior plantar arch and very painful calluses. The same problem usually occurs in both feet.

Ways to get rid of your bunions.

There are several treatments to treat this deformity. We will only focus first on orthopedics.

1.Bunion splints and toe separators

These product of orthopedics works very well to reduce the bunion in its earliest stages. The bunion splint allows for effective toe correction and bunion pain relief from hallux valgus, overlapping toe, turftoe, and crooked toe. They can be wore all day or as a nocturnal posture corrector of bunions . View some top rated bunion splint corrector which gets rid of bunions

Bunion corrector
Hallux Valgus Orthosis

This product is used to achieve a correction or slowing of the progression of the deviation of the first toe. It contains an aluminum rod in the outer area of ??the big toe for its correct adaptation to the first toe. It slows the progression of the deviation of the hallux valgus in its reducible phase.

Interdigital separators (between the toes). We have two types of interdigital spacers that can help us reduce the bunion. On the one hand we have the half moon type and on the other the reel type . Both separators prevent the formation of interdigital helomas, protect against chafing and pressure zones and also get the correction of the bunion (always in early stages). Its effects are several; they align the toe with respect to their metatarsal, reduce the pressures in the interdigital space and favor the takeoff phase.

But what is the difference between them? Which one should I choose? If your bunion is very deviated towards your other metatarsals, you will need a reel type separator , which provides a great separation of the interdigital space, in order to separate the first toe with the rest. If it is not very deviant, in that case you will need a half moon separator , as they are finer they have better adaptation to the interdigital space. These materials are made of extra-soft medical silicone, which makes their shape and design as anatomically as possible. The touch is soft and pleasant, soft, light and comfortable to wear and wash. It adapts to body temperature and is another great method to get rid of bunion.

Check out these silicone separators

Protectors of Hallux Valgus. There are several types of protectors for the bunion, silicone, with an elastic fabric to fit the foot, with separator bunions … We will focus on 3 of them. These three types of bunkers or protectors have the same function. They are indicated for the treatment of the bunion, they protect the area against chafing and excessive pressures getting an effective and comfortable action, it reduces the pain in the osseous protuberance, it protects the skin and the cutaneous tissue. Its effects are indicated to align the toes respect to your metatarsal and recover the functionality of the first toe.

Silicon bunion protector It adapts to the affected area by means of an anchor ring, suitable for summer shoes.
Bunion protector with reel separator This protector is suitable for chafing and also to separate the interdigital area. It has the double function of correcting and avoiding pressures.
Elastic bunion protector This protector is made of high density gel. It adapts to the foot through an elastic fabric that makes it more comfortable. Suitable for closed footwear.

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