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How to use witch hazel for hemorrhoid

Hamamelis bark known as witch hazel bark has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps relieve the pain, itching and irritation associated with hemorrhoids.

The bark of the witch hazel or Hamamelis is a recognized herb, widely used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. There are several types of over-the-counter hemorrhoid remedies that contain hazel witch.

Also known as winter flowering, witch hazel, potted alder, or witch hazel, it is an herbaceous shrub that is native to North Atlantic Ocean.

The bark has been used to heal skin ulcers, sores and tumors. It is also considered highly effective in relieving hemorrhoidal symptoms.

Read on to learn more about the connection between witch hazel and hemorrhoids, and find out how it works

What is Hamamelis?

Witch hazel or Witch hazel  virginiana  has antiseptic properties. It is recommended for the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids.

While witch hazel is an effective remedy for mild to moderate hemorrhoids, it should be used with caution. This is because it can cause irritation, itching and redness of the soft tissues of the anal canal.

Apart from its antiseptic property, witch hazel is also an astringent. Therefore, it reduces hemorrhoids and stops any bleeding associated with the condition.

Studies have shown that it is the witch hazel tannin content that causes shrinkage. The specific tannin responsible for the astringent property of witch hazel is the hamelotannin that is synthesized in the plant from quercetin, hamemellum, choline and gallic acid.

Products for haemorrhoids with witch hazel

Apart from the products of hemorrhoids, including the herb as one of its active ingredients, hazelnut witch solutions and tinctures are also commonly sold.

For external hemorrhoids, liquid formulations can be applied using wipes. However, for internal hemorrhoids, the tincture of the witch hazel must be reformulated in a suppository.

By mixing a teaspoon of witch hazel tincture with an equal measure of cocoa butter, the medication can be formed in the form of a suppository before freezing. The frozen solid is then inserted into the anus around the vicinity of the hemorrhoid.

Witch hazel liquid preparations are usually prepared with alcohol. The typical alcohol content of such solutions and tinctures is 14%.

Therefore, those whose skins are sensitive to alcohol should not use liquid preparations of witch hazel. If they must, then they need to consult their doctors before starting on the hemorrhoid remedy.

How does it work?

  • Witch hazel is known to reduce irritation and bleeding caused by painful anal fissures.
  • Hamamelis is an astringent that comes from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel plant.
  • It is diluted and used as an ingredient in various remedies based on hemorrhoid plants.
  • The herb also contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is believed to be one of the most commonly used natural remedies to reduce skin inflammation.
  • It works by reducing the itching, swelling and irritation caused by painful hemorrhoids.
  • It also helps to relieve bowel movements.
  • Witch hazel can be used as an astringent liquid to soothe inflamed skin.
  • You can also use witch hazel wipes instead of toilet paper to reduce discomfort.
  • You may also consider taking hemorrhoid supplements that contain witch hazel as an active ingredient.


  • The bark of the witch hazel has tannic, gallic, and proanthocyanid acids that have anti-inflammatory actions.
  • It was used by Native Americans to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Witch hazel leaf and hazelnut extracts are known to tighten and strengthen painful varicose veins.
  • It also contains procyanadins, resin and flavonoids that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • This helps to calm the tissues and relieve swelling to facilitate bowel movements.

What are the side effects?

Some studies have shown that drinking excess tea made from witch hazel bark and leaves can cause nausea, constipation and vomiting.

Taking witch hazel by mouth is not prescribed, as the high content of tannins can cause kidney or liver damage.

You should stop taking the supplement and call your doctor if you notice symptoms of nausea, yellowing of the eyes, exhaustion, vomiting, dark urine, stomach pain and loss of appetite.

Are there Drug Interactions?

No drug interactions have been found.

How to use? 

You can use witch hazel wipes instead of toilet paper several times during the day to reduce swelling and irritation.

Another effective method to cure hemorrhoids is to soak the cotton balls in a witch hazel solution and apply it directly on the affected area. This will provide instant relief.

Some of the common products of hamamelis hemorrhoids that you may consider using are Cool Comfort , Sitz bath soak  and Hem-Control.

You can also use the various witch hazel suppositories available to get relief from painful internal hemorrhoids.

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