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Pimples on buttocks causes

Butt acne

Pimples on the buttocks is for many people an important skin problem, which is rarely mentioned. All because we are ashamed of pimples on the buttocks . It is worth remembering that with spottys in this place, just like when they appear on the face or neckline, you can fight effectively. Get to know the causes of acne on the buttocks and learn how to make them disappear!

Pimples on the buttocks may have a different cause of occurrence, but regardless of it, everyone would rather not have them – in addition to the shape of a butt and cellulite is another concern related to the appearance on the back of the body. Although we rarely talk about them, we are looking for ways to get rid of them . For many people, blemishes are the reason for giving up a swimming pool, gym or even PE lesson, in some cases pimples can also be painful, which leads to another discomfort. To know how to deal with pimples on the buttocks, first you need to know the reason for their occurrence.

Pimples on the buttocks: causes

1. Acne focused

One of the most troublesome types of acne – as the name suggests, it occurs not individually, but in concentrated form, it is accompanied by abscesses, blackheads , and when the cyst breaks, oil flows out of it, which can also lead to scarring.

Acne is formed in places with a lot of sebaceous glands – most often on the face, but also on the back, on the scalp or just on the buttocks. Acne is much more common in men than in women .

2. Lunar keratosis

Keratosis is often confused with acne, although its causes are different – it occurs as a result of excessive keratinization of the epidermis, which leads to clogging of the hair follicle by dead skin cells. Penile pustules appear – pinkish (similar in shade to skin color), reddish, brown (in rare cases).

You will recognize Keratosis due to the fact that the skin around it is very dry and flushed – that’s why they are commonly referred to as “goose bumps” – to the touch the pimples resemble those that appear when we are cold or very scared. Keratosis occurs not only on the buttocks but also on the face and arms.

3. Herpes

Cold sores are a problem that many people struggle with, but not many people know that herpes can appear and on the buttocks. The infection may be caused by direct contact of damaged skin or mucous membrane of a healthy person with saliva or skin lesions of the infected person.

By scratching the wounds caused by herpes labialis, you can also independently transfer the infection to other parts of the body, among others just on the buttocks.

4. Boil

Boils are not enough that they are ugly, it is still painful. First, they look like a pimple, and then pus starts to accumulate in it. Boil is a bacterial disease, usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus, and its symptom, apart from suppurative breakouts, is also an elevated temperature.

Boil can also occur with complications of eczema , scabies , atopic dermatitis (AD).

5. Poor hygiene

Inappropriate intimate hygiene does not necessarily mean that we neglect washing and caring for “these” places, but that we care for them in the wrong way.

So if you notice that the irritation appeared on your bottom after the purchase of a specific detergent, it probably means that this product acts on your skin irritating and it is worth replacing it with another one.

For the care of the buttocks, you can use the same cosmetics  for the face – they should have exfoliating properties, which will prevent further breakouts.

6. Wearing inappropriate underwear

In recent years, it has become fashionable to wear thongs or lace panties made of synthetic materials (including nylon, polyester, acrylic). Unfortunately, although visually appealing to some, they can cause breakouts. The puppies are just cramped in them, they sweat and the sweat is additionally stopped near the skin.

There are irritations that, although not typical for acne, may look like it. Before you start treatment for breakouts, try to wear underwear from natural materials for a week or two and see what the effects will be – maybe it is the wrongly chosen underwear (especially causing additional rubbing of the thong) that causes the discharge of pimples.

7. Allergy

The cause of the appearance of pimples on the buttocks may also be an allergy to a specific component of the cosmetic – if you suspect it, it is worth for at least a week to abandon the use of a specific preparation. The detergents used to wash underwear can also be allergenic. In this case, the change of the product used will also be a good solution.

Take care of the right diet and physical activity

The reason for the formation of pimples, including those on the buttocks can be caused by the wrong diet. The factors that increase the risk of blemishes are fast-food dishes, sweets, but also cigarette smoking or alcohol consumption. The sedentary lifestyle is also inadvisable – the less we move, the greater the risk of irritation, especially when we are sitting in tight and fitting outfits.

Pimples on the buttocks: treatment

How to deal with pimples on the buttocks? Proceeding depends on the reason for their appearance. If the irritation is caused by an allergy to a component of a given cosmetic, you have to reach for another one, similarly to wearing the wrong underwear – it is enough to change it to, for example, cotton.

In contrast, boil, acne focused and perinatal keratosis require a visit from a dermatologist who will implement the appropriate treatment.

It is also worth doing proper skin care on the buttocks. Their condition will be greatly influenced by the use of enzyme peels (in the case of purulent pimples with the necessary later moisturizing) and coarse peels, for example coffee , when the pimples have no purulent changes.

Put toothpaste with a soft brush or a special sponge. Vitamin A and vitamin B5 also work well on the skin of the buttocks .

With acne you can also use: benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid , found in many cosmetics for pimples – they can be used not only on the face, but also on your bottom, although the latter sometimes causes a slight burning.

Preparation for pimples on the bum can also be prepared at home – a solution with potassium tartrate (for drinking), lemon juice and apple cider (for applying on the buttocks) or an aspirin mask will be helpful.


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