Raw fruits and vegetables better for mental health

Start eating raw vegetables and fruits are better for our mental health than processed (canned and cooked).

Dr Tamlin Conner from the University of Otago stresses that up to now public health campaigns have focused on the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed (eg at least 5 portions daily). Meanwhile, the study, whose results appeared in Frontiers in Psychology , show that the way of preparing and consuming them should also be taken into account.

Our study showed that consumption of fruit and vegetables in an unmodified state is more strongly associated with better mental health than the consumption of boiled and canned / processed vegetables and fruits. Probably the machining reduces the content of ingredients necessary for optimal emotional functioning .

As part of the study, interviews were conducted with over 400 adults from New Zealand and the USA aged 18-25. This age group was chosen because young adults usually eat the least vegetables and fruits and are at risk of mental disorders.

The Conner team evaluated the intake of raw vs. boiled / processed vegetables and fruits, the health of volunteers, their lifestyle, as well as demographic variables that can affect the relationship between fruit and mental and mental health intake, such as chronic diseases, socio-economic status, ethnicity or gender.

Controlling the covariates, we discovered that the intake of raw vegetables and fruits was a predictor of a worsening symptomatology of mental illness, eg depression, as well as an elevated level of well-being, eg good mood or life satisfaction […]. In the case of vegetables and processed fruit, these benefits were significantly reduced .

Psychologists have been tempted to list 10 raw topproducts related to better mental health. It contains carrots, bananas, apples, dark leafy vegetables, grapefruit, lettuce, citrus fruits, berries, cucumbers and kiwifruit.

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