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Effects of Air Conditioning for your Health. Advantages and disadvantages

 Air conditioning has effects on our health, when the summer comes we need an ally to alleviate the high temperatures, and in most cases it is the air conditioner. There are many advantages of air conditioning, but beware, because air conditioning can cause health problems if you do not make good use of it.


Air conditioning is able to cool the room and lower the temperature of a room. The operation of the air conditioners consists of cooling and cleaning the air and, in addition, they control the humidity of the room keeping it at the desired temperature.

Almost all homes in USA have installed an air conditioning equipment , and this is because most are not designed to keep the home cool. Using more efficient air conditioning equipment and ending the poor condition of the buildings would be ideal, in this way we would get houses and buildings with a better design and insulation to maintain the temperature.

In this way the use of air conditioning would be complementary and not as important as it is now. Therefore, we must know how air conditioning affects health and its advantages and disadvantages .

Advantages of Air Conditioning in Health

Control of the temperature. We do not always need to be at the same temperature, everything depends on the moment and the situation, therefore, thanks to the thermostat that has been installed, we can control at what temperature the room should be maintained.

Circulation of the air. Thanks to the air conditioning the air in our room is renewing little. The renewal of circulating air improves breathing.


Increase performance. We have already said that high temperatures cause fatigue. In this way, lowering the temperature of the room or office increases the intellectual and physical capacity of people and, consequently, the performance at work.


Prevents environmental humidity. Air conditioning makes the environment drier.


Disadvantages of Air Conditioning in Health

Changes in temperature.  They are very frequent in times of high temperatures and cause colds. It has a lot to do with the levels of tolerance to the different temperatures that each person has, also influences the clothing and the calorific energy that each one gives off. Our body regulates its own temperature (through the natural production of sweat), an aspect in which hydration plays a fundamental role . If we subject our body to sudden changes in temperature, going from the 35 degrees that can be in the street to 20 in the space in which the air conditioning is placed, it may not adapt to the contrast.

Also, it can generate chills and trigger an increase in the level of stress, as well as cause colds and throat problems.

Dry air.  We have already commented, as an advantage, that dry air prevents moisture, however, it can also cause dry skin and eyes, causing conjunctivitis. In addition,  air conditioning  dries the body’s mucous membranes eliminating one of the main barriers that the body has against infectious agents.


Illnesses due to poor maintenance. Proper conservation of air conditioning appliances is crucial to avoid disease. If not properly maintained the air conditioner can spread mites and suspended particles through the environment, causing the development of allergies and respiratory problems, as well as bacteria as dangerous as Legionella.


High energy consumption The air conditioners consume a lot of energy, providing additional spending bills households and businesses.


High level of contamination of the environment. The air conditioners emit CO2 into the atmosphere and can increase the temperature of the cities.


Abrupt changes in temperature

Although at home we are very comfortable with fresh air, going out to the street will produce a sudden change in temperature, with differences of up to 20 degrees . This can cause excessive sweating and, what is more dangerous, dizziness .


Respiratory problems

If the device is not properly maintained, it can be responsible for infections caused by a bacteria called legionella , which causes respiratory problems, fever, chills and cough and in some cases can be fatal. Therefore, it is essential that a periodic review of the installation be made and that the filters be changed whenever necessary.

Low back pain

If the air conditioner comes in direct contact with the back , the cold current can cause our muscle fibers to retract and we suffer from lumbago.

Prevent us from sleeping well

One of the most annoying aspects of excessive heat is that it does not allow us to sleep well . Given this situation, many people choose to leave the air conditioning at night, but neither seems the best solution. And it is that a too low temperature, together with the noise of the apparatus and the accumulation of dust, mites and fungi in the filters, favor the so-called ” fragmentation of sleep “, that is, that we woke up and that the normal pattern is altered of sleep. In this sense, remember that the ideal temperature to rest properly should be between 18 and 22 degrees.

Healthy recommendations


  • To avoid all this is recommended to avoid temperature changes, so the recommended temperature of the air conditioner is between 23-24 degrees, make a good check of the device and a good cleaning to avoid dirt and avoid direct contact of cold air in our skin.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes. During the summer it is common for us to subject our body to more than ten degrees of temperature between the street and closed spaces.
  • Avoid exposing exposed body areas to the direct jet of cold air. This is important when placing the air conditioner, especially at bedtime . It is advisable to program the air conditioning at least one hour before going to bed to get the temperature of the room regulated during that time.
  • The air conditioning is also part of the car , especially in summer, but it is not advisable to resort to it when we are very tired and temperatures are high. The best thing is to stop the vehicle, go out, stretch your legs and even sleep a little, because the air conditioning alone will not clear us.

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