Fitness battle plan for healthy life

To live a healthy life it is always better to take preventive measure first than to go for remedial actions after something strikes your health for which you need to follow some basic healthy life rules like a healthy diet, regular workout etc.

Energy is required for every action you perform for better fitness and health and to get required energy every day you need to eat healthy nutrient-rich food. If you eat junk food which is low on nutrients and high on fat then it will increase the body insulin and junk food get stored as unwanted body fat resulting in obesity, diabetes, and other problems.

This situation can be avoided if you start doing regular morning walk as it increases body metabolism which helps to burn unwanted calories and remain fit always. Doing cardio exercises in morning empty stomach increases the calories oxidization rate resulting in better results in short span of time.

To burn body fat you can also take a cup of coffee or green tea in the morning as it will help you burn all the extra body fat in morning when you perform cardio workout after taking it as the fat will be mobilized and burned to provide energy for cardio workout since your carbs content is low at that moment in morning because haven’t eaten anything yet.

To keep yourself hydrated during body fat burning workout you can drink fruit infused water at it keep the electrolytes in the body moving without making you dehydrated and also you get great taste along with some vitamins from fruit water.

Besides this you need to do some aerobics, Zumba, skipping ropes, resistance band workout etc. in morning before breakfast as it helps to keep the body metabolism in an active state for hours which helps to keep you active and improve heart and digestive system functioning. While starting off you may encounter several hurdles to go for the walk-in morning but you need to keep going for at least 30 minutes daily to keep yourself fit and healthy, you can start with 10 minutes or less and gradually increase the time for best results in long run.

Adding cardio exercises shared above to your routine will give you additional benefits in less time but only if you do them regularly. Moreover, if you want to further increase the impact of your daily walking you can wear a CrossFit weighted vest as it adds weights to your body which increases the intensity of impact so you will get better results without increasing your walk time.

You can do it 5 times a week and keep 2 days off if you like or do some other exercises on those 2 days. Gradually increase the walking intensity and go from walking to jogging which will result in faster calories burn in less time ultimately reducing all unwanted body fat. Once you are a track of regular exercises decrease your calories count and eat only healthy food, doing this will keep you energetic throughout the day and you will be able to focus on everything you do in a day without any feeling of tiredness and fatigue. After few months if you like to take your fitness to next level than you can try some resistance training with fitness gear like elliptical machines, rowers which you can purchase after reading some good rowing machine review, spin bikes etc. for fit and healthy life.

Following the above pattern will lead you to the ultimate bliss of healthy life without any disease and problems in young and old age. So implement the guidance and fitness battle plan shared above in your life and you will be on a path to better future and great health always. Don’t forget to share this with your buddies and family members to help them achieve their fitness goals and live life with great health always.

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