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Improving your life knowledge health and family

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Why do you need a vitamin C serum

The woman who wants a skin with a more even, firm and young tone needs a  serum  with vitamin C. It is a product to be used all year round, but during summer, if you do not have one, it is the right time to incorporate it. Here I will tell you why.

Acts as an antioxidant

Oxidation process damages the skin cells and a serum with vitamin C contains L-ascorbic acid that, with its antioxidant powers, repairs and regenerates the cells making the skin look healthy and young.

Helps to produce collagen

From the age of 40 collagen diminishes almost to the half of the quantity from when we are born. This manifests itself in wrinkles and flabbiness. Topical and taken vitamin C stimulates the natural production of collagen, making the skin look firmer, tense and less flaccid. It is a good first step to treat those wrinkles that begin to come out or that have already come out.

Restore and regenerate

Attacks free radicals and repairs some of the damage your skin may have. For example, if you are someone who had acne or pimples that left you with spots, vitamin C will help you to fade them.

Why use it in summer?

Acts as an antioxidant

The oxidation process damages the skin cells and a serum with vitamin C contains L-ascorbic acid that, with its antioxidant powers, repairs and regenerates the cells making the skin look healthy and young.I

It protects you from the sun

A vitamin C serum counteracts the harmful effects of the sun and decreases the risk of skin cancer because it helps make it thicker.

It protects you from the heat

The high temperatures of the beach, of the city in summer or anything that dismisses heat like a comal or a computer also burn and age your skin. Vitamin C protects you.

For what type of skin

The serums with vitamin C formulations are oil free , perfect for balancing oily because exfoliate naturally, eliminating dead cells. That’s why it’s a good idea to supplement it with a moisturizing cream, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  • Apply it on the neck and chest.
  • The serums have higher concentrations of active ingredients, so with just a few drops have more than enough to cover your skin, neck and chest.
  • If you use it during the day, remember that after applying the serum you should use sunscreen. This pair is the best combination to prevent aging.
  • You can use it in the morning and night. But if you have to choose, in the day it is more important because it is when you need the most protection from light and heat.

What are the best cosmetics with Vitamin C

Personally I prefer a serum to a cream because they are very easy to apply and the skin absorbs the product very quickly. Read more about some of the best vitamin c serum for face .They do not usually leave a trace and are quite concentrated. Avoid extra ingredients and also the containers are small so they are very easy to store .

There are different brands with similar characteristics so I leave it up to you to buy the best, although in addition to the serum with Vitamin C there are also ampoules with different concentrations. You can find from 5%, 7.5% up to 15% which is more than enough.

If you are looking for a shock treatment, one of those that clears the withered and disheartened appearance, perhaps it is best to use revitalizing blisters. They are short but very intense treatments. So they have their purpose.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a decadence in the skin and you have it more or less well, you can use something softer in the form of vitamin C for the face in the form of cream. This is softer. Although always look at the concentration to know.


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