3 Awesome Ways to Optimize your Website

Are you planning to start your new website, grow an existing organization, or build an online business? If you are, then this blog is for you! Do you know that website automation and techniques automation makes your website better? Do you want to know how to optimize your site? We provide great tips below that you can do for a better website performance. By understanding how it works, you don’t need to hire a professional for this job, because today we will show you tips to optimize your website effectively.


  1. Great Content

If you have a great content, you can surely rank well. Remember that your content drives marketing, social media, and popular sites. It is important that your content should be relevant to the products and services you are offering, stay focused on what is your business. Make sure to not post outdated method, because you are building your image, if your content is interesting, trusted, and viewed a lot. People will think that you’re an expert on the product you are offering so see to it that keeping your viewers’ attention is important.  A great content helps other people, and relatable meaning it shows something important to the audience and marks informative data. If your content is shareable it means that the audience loves your page because it is easy for them to share it.

  1. Good Page Title

It’s not all about the keywords and the phrased but your page title should be catchy if you want it to be readable by many.  The title is the first thing that reader see when reading a blog or post, it also the first thing that the user can see in search results Example, if your article is about “Training a Customer” then a good title might be “Customer Training in 5 Steps” or 5 “Ways to Train a Customer”. Take note that a title should not exceed more than 70 characters due to it can be truncated in search results. A good title helps you to rank for a great keyword, and the most important part is that your title makes the user want to click your page. Make sure that you include the focus keyword on your title page.

  1. Optimized URLs

The most optimal URL are short descriptive. It’s important to always include your keywords in your URL and should not be longer than 100 words. Keywords are important in your URL but make sure to not overdo it, Example,, used don’t make things complicated. If your URL is readable the better traffic for your site. Shorter URL is always preferable. Don’t include the following in your URL (and, or, but, of, the, a, then, etc.) because it doesn’t extend the URL too far. Also, avoid hyphens, underscores as word separators in URLs due to it distracts users and browser from the readability of your web pages. For a better Optimization of your URL, you may add target keywords so they can better connect to users, just like the example above.


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