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7 tricks to freeing up space on the iPhone

Your iPhone continues to signal a lack of free space in memory, and you can not solve the problem although you seem to have deleted all the superfluous? Here are the tricks to get rid of this annoyance and be able free up space on your iPhone to return to install new applications.

1. Check what the memory is occupying

Very simple: Settings -> General -> Free Space iPhone. This function shows you in a clear and graphically intuitive way how much free space remains on the iPhone, how much is occupied and from what: app, photos, multimedia files and so on. At the bottom of the screen you will then have the amount of space indicated by each app and data source. You will immediately have a clearer picture of the situation, and therefore a precise idea of ??where to intervene.

2. Select “Remove apps you do not use”

On the menu in step 1 you will see the “Remove apps you do not use” option. Select it, and it will automatically delete the disused app without deleting the data if you want to use it again tomorrow.

3. Manually delete apps that you do not use

The suggestion is trivial, of course, but what we want to tell you is to be honest with yourself: the game you have not played for six months does not serve you, and if you lose your record it would not be the end of the world. After all, many apps allow you to recover data, if and when you want to reinstall them in the future.

4. Update iOS

Starting from iOS 10.3 Apple introduced a new data storage system that allows you to take up less space, and according to some free up to 7.8GB of memory without erasing anything.

5. The trick: pretend to rent a movie

Here is a real trick, discovered for some time by users. It works only if there is very little free space left. Go to the iTunes store and choose from the largest movie library. Do not worry, you will not have to really rent it and pay. Press the “rent” button twice to accept the notification that warns you that you do not have enough space. Now go back to checking the amount of free space on the Settings: if everything went well you should see a difference of several hundred megabytes.

6. How to save space with photos

In addition to deleting, of course, unnecessary photos and videos, here are some important things to know: iPhone by default shares your 1000 most recent photos of all the devices in your iCloud. Potentially a lot of space occupied, and a problem that you can solve simply with the path Settings -> Photos -> My streaming photo, and disabling the option.

Another possibility is to disable the HDR option for photos, with which your camera takes photos at three different exposure levels, recombining them for the best photo possible. To do without it follow the path Settings -> Camera and disable the last function that appears in the menu.

Finally, an eye to Whatsapp: by default there is an option that automatically saves all the photos you receive in the chats and groups, even in that of the pizzata between mates of the medium you have long silenced, and on which circulate photo montages with football / erotic of bad workmanship and doubtful taste. To prevent the memory from weighing you down, open the Whatsapp Settings, select Chat and disable Save in the camera roll.

7. How to save space with videos

If you do not have great cinematic ambitions, here is a simple solution: lower the quality of the movies you make with the iPhone: Settings -> Camera -> Record Video

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