8 Natural Ways to Unlock Natural Hair Growth Without Surgery



Are you one of them who are tired of slow hair growth or no growth and can’t wait long for long, thick and shiny hairs?

Hair loss is natural and it’s common both in men and women. It’s been found that most of the people lose 100 to 125 hair per day and that’s normal but if you’ll notice significant hair loss then it should be treated on time, if left untreated then it will continue to progress or all your hair may go.

There can be several reasons for hair loss or slow hair growth and it’s difficult to figure out the major reason. Here are some common reasons for slower hair growth and probably you’re facing any of them.

Let’s figure out…

Unhealthy Scalp

A healthy scalp is a reason for your strong, long and shiny hair but if your scalp is affecting with imbalances like dandruff, itching, irritation and excess oil usage then these won’t allow your hair grow beautifully and more likely your growth would be seized.

Use of Harsh Hair Products

You may not aware but most of the products in the market filled with chemicals which directly harm your scalp and hair.

These harmful chemicals strip the supply of natural oil to scalp and trigger the overproduction of oil to the roots of your hair that lead to blockage of hair growth and may result in hair fall faster.

Extreme Temperatures

Exposing your hair with extreme heat or cold greatly affects your scalp and directly result in even greater hair loss. The moisture in wet iron causes the same hair damage just like the curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer with same heat damage.

Poor Diet

Just like our bodies, our hair also requires essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for proper growth and nourishment. However, if your body is facing inadequate nutrition supply then it can cause hair loss.

Here is a catch, you can replace your unhealthy diet and with high-fiber food and plenty of proteins diet to see normal and even faster hair growth.

Poor supply of nutrients forces your body to supply available nutrients and mineral to other vital organs instead of your hair.

Luckily positive changes in your daily diet and unhealthy lifestyle can reverse the hair loss and make them regrowth faster.

Here are the pro tips to guide you in the right direction.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp is a great way to unlock the potential for hair growth. It stimulates the blood flow to your hair follicles with a handful amount of nutrients which in turn spur hair growth.

Your hair follicles made up of stem cells so they love the extra flow of oxygen so it’s important for blood to carry much needed oxygen – grow your hair!

You can massage your scalp in multiple ways and if you don’t know how to do that then follow the given ways:

  1. Massage with your fingertips in a circular motion (at least 5 mins) releases stress and makes you feel relaxed which is a sign of positive and fluffy hair growth.
  2. Massage can also be done with shampoo while showering. Follow the same circular motion and wash your hair. It’s highly recommended to do this every time while showering.
  3. Massage with oil is traditional and it’s the most reliable way to stimulate hair follicles and relieving dryness. You can use olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil etc.

Brush Your Hair Twice a Day

Brushing your hair is important and it should be done 2 times a day. It stimulates the hair follicles, improves blood circulation and distributes oil from the roots to the tip of your hair. It not only promotes quicker hair growth but also prevent from overproduction of oil in your roots that block the supply of essential nutrients necessary to keep your hair strong and thick.

For optimal results, it’s highly recommended to use boar bristle brush.

Trim Damaged Hair

Using different hair products that contain harmful chemicals, exposing with extreme temperatures such as excess heat and cold, excess dryness, dandruff result in damaging your hair drastically.

So, it’s important to trim down damaged part or parts of your hair and it will prevent further damaging of your hair.

Supply Essentials to Your Hair

To re-insist your hair growth, consume 15-30mg of food rich in zinc which includes chocolate, lamb, turkey, pumpkin seed. Make sure you also get a handful of biotin, niacin and cobalamin and these are found to be the most essential B-Complex vitamins which directly help in restoring the shine and thickness of your strands.

You can even use high quality hair growth supplements such as Foligen and Ultra FX 10 since these contain all the necessary vitamins and compounds which directly help in strong and even quicker hair growth.

Avoid Over Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair more than 2 or times in a week prevents your scalp from natural distribution of oil to your hair which is necessary for strength and hydration. In addition to that, it can also make your dry and brittle.

Always wash your hair 2 times in a week and personally I wash 2 times in a week and my hair growth is fairly better.

Avoid Overuse of Hair Tools

Minimize the use of hair tools can prevent your hair from damaging and seizing the hair growth. After washing your hair, don’t use a hair blower to dry your hair, it can make your hair dry and thin. Let your hair dry as often as possible! However, you can use hair tools on special events or occasions.

You can also use a heat protectant while using hair blowers or iron to avoid over-resisting of your hair.

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

You may not know but your hair is most fragile in wet form. It means if you’ll comb the wet hair then it will more likely cause over breakage of hair and can make your scalp much weaker.

To minimize the breakage of hair, always use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers gently to detangle your hair. Further, you can comb when hair is completely dry.

Sleep with Silk Pillow Case

Using a silk pillow reduces the friction with your hair and prevent unnecessary breakage. If you see broken hair on your pillow after waking up in the morning then consider investing in a silk pillow and you’ll notice no hair or lower number of hair on your pillow after waking from long sleep.

These small replacements with unhealthy habits and activities will help your hair grow faster and keep them stronger and thicker.


Your hair growth only affects due to unhealthy activities and poor nutrition. However, it can also the result due to aging but you can restore your hair growth with better hair care and healthier diet.

Taking care of hair and scalp with massage, brushing, gentle cleansing and trimming will enhance your growth naturally. You can also speed up your hair growth by using quality hair growth supplements and a variety of essential oils.

Using hair tools too often can harm a lot for your hair so it’s always better to use them less but occasionally.

In the end, stay at the top of nutrition if you want noticeable and quicker hair growth.

By using the given ways, you’ll notice thicker and longer hair without further damaging to your hair.

If you ever had success in hair growth then must share your ideas or methods with us!

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