Advantages and disadvantages of male hair removal

It is becoming more frequent among men to eliminate body hair , either by necessity, aesthetics or by the demands of their profession or their hobbies. Male hair removal divides men into two groups; those who do not want to give up their genetics and boast of hair as the saying goes (the man as the bear, the hairier the more beautiful); and those who prefer to show off their thin and smooth skin, free of hair.

The paradox of the current fashion is that while the faces are covered with beards, in the bodies a hair removal is imposed that reaches its maximum splendor with the arrival of summer.

Out of fashion the metrosexual type, the trimming or pruning is imposed, that is to say, neither the excess nor the shortage of hair is carried away. In addition, male hair removal has to be moderate according to age: hair removal does not favor an athletic young man equal to a middle-aged man with love handles.

Next, we show you what are the forms of hair removal and the advantages and disadvantages that each of them presents.


There are three types of wax that adapt to each type of skin: hot, cold and warm. If you dare with wax, the first time it is advisable that you cut the hair a little. It is very important that you follow the instructions. If on the contrary, you prefer to play it safe and you are afraid that your skin is irritated, you can go the first time to an aesthetic center so that a specialist can do it for you.

The advantage is that when pulling the hair from the root, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks to come back out. The drawback is that it is a painful technique.

Electric Razor

It is a simple form of hair removal that can last up to 3 weeks and that removes the hair from the root. The correct way to pass the razor is doing it in the opposite direction to hair growth. There is a wide variety of machines so choose the device that best suits you, and keep in mind if you have sensitive skin or not.

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The advantage is that it is simple, fast and can last several weeks. The disadvantage is that the hairs can be inquisitor under the skin and can be a little painful.


You have to consider that shaving the face is not the same as the chest, so the movements must be different. Apply a moisturizer on the depilated area to soothe the skin.

The advantage is that it is a quick, inexpensive and painless method and the disadvantage is that by not pulling the hair from the root, the hair becomes harder and grows to a couple of days. In addition, 62% of Spanish men have suffered injuries by shaving their bodies and feel itching when the hair starts to grow.

Depilatory cream

Depilatory creams are very easy to apply: you have to spread it evenly over the area you want to remove, wait a few minutes (those indicated in the instructions) and remove it with a spatula. It is important to rinse with plenty of water afterward, to remove all traces of cream.

The advantages are that they are very easy to apply, they are inexpensive, it is a painless method and the process is done quickly. The disadvantage is that the hair can come out hard, just as pimples can appear. The unpleasant smell is another drawback.

Intense Pulsed Light

The light that is applied to the skin destroys the follicle so that the hair that grows becomes thinner and weaker until it disappears. It is a permanent technique and one of the most requested.

The best areas to treat with this method are the armpits, legs, and forearms (areas where hormones do not influence). In the rest of the areas (lumbar region, back, thorax, neck, and face ) is a bit more difficult; however, very good results can be obtained if it is reviewed every six months.

The advantages of this method are clear since they provide the maximum time without hair . Disadvantages: you have to have a lot of patience and money, as it is expensive. And on the other hand, you have to be especially careful if you have very sensitive skin, as it could cause burns and serious problems.

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