Can dogs eat canned tuna?

Canned tuna is a good food for dogs?

Although there is no doubt that they can eat it, it is not really a particularly good food for them. The key is moderation.


Although canned tuna can be a delicious snack for your dog, the association for the prevention of cruelty to animals, recommends administering very small portions. Canned tuna has high amounts of sodium and mercury, two elements that should not give too much in a dog’s diet.The reason is very simple: both sodium and mercury damage the blood flow of your dog and, consequently, your health (as well as in humans).


Although the dog can safely process small doses of these elements, an accumulation of sodium can cause a very serious pathological condition known as hypernatriemia. Symptoms of this debilitating disease include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and even coma.However, it is worth noting that this condition only occurs in cases in which excessive sodium intake occurs over a prolonged period of time. Nothing a tuna box can cause. In short, nothing.


Can dogs swallow canned tuna juices?

This question is frequent. Canned tuna can be accompanied by different types of juices. Tuna served with water or brine is perfect for dog consumption. Care should be taken when you are in front of tuna boxes in oil. The dog will have trouble digesting excessive amounts of the latter, which could cause immediate stomach pain. Stay away from canned tuna that contains ingredients such as spices, tomato sauce or semi-static condiments that are light years away from normal preservatives.


We all know that spicy ingredients harm dogs. The condiments of tomato, garlic or onion are even poisonous to dogs, so if they are included in the tuna that you want to serve your dog, it is best to change your mind.



Canned tuna, seasoned with harmless juices, is fine for your dog if it is swallowed in small quantities. If used as an occasional snack, it will not harm your four-legged friend. However, stay away from condiments that are potentially toxic to the animal. There really is no need to risk your dog’s health for a portion of food that in any case will have no nutritional benefit for him.

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