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Can German Shepherds eat nut butter

Most German Shepherd love peanut butter or peanut butter snacks.

Generally speaking, peanut butter is a good snack for them, however, there are some points you should consider before giving it to your GSD.

Some dogs, like us, may be allergic to peanuts. On the other hand, not everyone can digest or process nuts.

A dog that suffers an allergic reaction to peanut butter would manifest these symptoms: skin irritation, ear infection or hair loss. If this is the first time you give it to try peanut butter, you should give it a little and be aware of any symptoms or reaction and go immediately to the vet if they arise.

Nutrition and Benefits:

A nutritional snack . Peanut butter has a high nutritional value and can even improve the appearance of your dog’s skin  .It can even help to improve the breath , besides giving them a lot of energy before doing any intense physical activity . It is a food that contains healthy minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and 3 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons. It also contains vitamins E, K and B3. To keep your dog healthy, feed him raw, unsalted peanut butter, instead of buying treats at pet stores.  Most treats in pet stores usually contain other ingredients, such as fructose and xanthan gum, which can make your Shepherd chubby. And there is always the option of making your own peanut butter treat.

How to feed your German Shepherd peanut ?

Help to take his medicine . Do not just give her a jar of peanut butter and let her consume it. The most common to give her is in  a teaspoon, inside her favorite toy, or as a masking agent of your medication. The easiest way to get your dog to take your medicine like a good kid is to push a pill into a piece of meat and coat it with a little peanut butter.

It helps in its cooling . There are several ways you can give your dog peanut butter. One of the recommendations is by creating peanut butter ice cream. Yes, sh can enjoy one right next to the children. Simply mix water and small spoonfuls of peanut butter and freeze it. You can keep a bag of these peanut butter treats in the freezer during a hot summer day.


What peanut butter should I feed my dog ?

Ideally, look for a low salt and sugar-free version but without xylitol in the ingredients, it is toxic to German Shepherd ),  and smooth not chunky (and, in addition, it will also be beneficial for you). There are some recipes on the internet that are very easy to make at home which are  much healthier.

You must remember that peanuts are highly allergenic , so if you do not know if your dog is allergic to peanuts or if you have a dog allergic to many things, before giving peanut butter freely do a test so you know if you have an allergy or do not.

As it is a high fat product,  it is not recommended for obese or overweight dogs , as it could worsen their situation.

How much peanut butter should I give my dog?

very small dose is recommended . Only one teaspoon  for young dogs ,  one teaspoon and half for the adult dogs .

With once a week  you give it will be more than enough.


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