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Can my german shepherd eat popcorn

German Shepherd dogs are undoubtedly the best companions to watch movies . They know how to snuggle, they do not tell you the end, they do not interrupt, they do not take out their cell phone (although now that the first one for dogs does not know what will happen), they let you hug them if the movie scares you and they do not judge you if you cry.

We know that it seems impossible to many of us to sit and watch a movie without eating popcorn,  but we cannot with that face of tenderness and despair that our GSD begs us for a popcorn. Is it safe to give them?  Yes, but little. 

The rule is that they must be without salt, without butter and nothing with excess.  Seasonings such as salt, butter, chili or caramel do damage to dogs and can cause them from diarrhea, vomiting to more serious allergic reactions.

That is, give him 5 or 6 popcorn but do not give him a bag of popcorn. Also be careful not to eat the seeds that did not pop , as they can get stuck in your teeth or your German Shepherd can get diarrhea if you swallow them. Also, there have been reported cases of very small dogs choking with said corn grains that did not achieve their dream of being popcorn.


Nutritional value . Popcorn has little nutritional value for dogs, is a whole grain food, with about 4 calories, 22 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of fiber per 1-oz. Serving.

Training value. Some dog owners find popcorn a useful training tool, because some dogs can not resist its crisp taste. Since it is more affordable than traditional dog treats, and is low in calories to feed even overweight dogs, popcorn makes an ideal choice to reward positive behaviors in dogs.

Considerations . Popcorn with added salt, butter or other potential flavors may cause digestive problems in dogs. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Pet owners should always impose moderation and avoid overfeeding with popcorn or any other treat for dogs.

Warnings . Some experts warn that popcorn poses a choking risk for dogs, since they could get lodged in the throat. Dog lovers can reduce the risk of suffocation, ensuring that all grains have burst completely.

In general popcorn does not pose a threat to dogs but is a carbohydrate and in excess or if you give them often,  your dog can get fat and this is not recommended.


Now you know,  invite your dog to the chair and catch up with the movies you have not seen because the awards season has already started.

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