Decoding the Dental Braces

Teeth alignment therapy can be done at any age, using different techniques as suitable to the patient’s need and as suggested by his or her orthodontist. The patient undergoes this treatment to achieve the desired dental aesthetics. The orthodontist at Pure Cypress Dentist diagnoses the problem acutely and suggests the best kind of dental braces to move the patient’s teeth to its ideal alignment. Dental braces have become more common nowadays than before. One in every five people has issues relating to the alignment of their teeth.

Termed as traditional braces, metallic braces can be divided into two basic components. The metallic part that is applied to the teeth or the brackets and the metallic wire which is threaded through the brackets in order to apply pressure on the teeth and ultimately move them to a desired alignment. This has been and still is the most inexpensive and most effective way of moving teeth into their proper alignment. Gone are the days when dental braces used to be painful and annoying for their intrusiveness. The latest technologies have created wires that move teeth faster with less pain in much lesser time. Then there are ceramic braces which are a very popular substitute of metallic braces and are of the same color and texture as the teeth.

Some orthodontists use wires that are of the color of the teeth that makes it almost invisible yet equally effective option to choose. However they are more expensive than metallic braces. In addition to that they are slightly more prone to staining just like the teeth. Lingual braces are also an option for those who visibility of braces is an issue. These are fitted to the inside of the teeth. Keeping the lingual braces clean is an issue because of its position. The patient is not used to clean the area which now he or she has to clean profusely.

Self-ligating braces are also a variant which use the metal and wire concept equally effectively. This is the most popular category of product as far as being effective both by treatment and by cost is concerned. Lesser food gets stuck in these kinds of braces and that reduces the trips to the orthodontist’s chamber significantly. Then there are technologically advanced self-locking type which makes the use of rubber band superfluous. These cut the treatment time by a minimum of forty percent. Acceledent devices are also known to be used by certain patients. Studies have shown that the vibrations emitted by this kind of device induce biological reaction that moves teeth quickly into its desired location. Twenty minutes of this treatment daily produces remarkable results in the long run.

So as we can see there are many options available which can ameliorate the problem of misaligned teeth. Now, the particular option to be chosen for a condition is to be decided under the trained and experienced eye of an orthodontist and not by oneself. Diligent treatment can produce effective results over time.

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