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Any food that is done on the grill has its secrets. The slow fire of the coals and the contact of the meat with the grill, makes this form of cooking very special. I discovered 5 important aspects and get the most out of it.


In many roasts we have seen how each barbecue has its own secrets, either invented by themselves or acquired through another person. In each of these secrets hides something special that makes it gives each barbecue a peculiar and very original charm

Despite the thousands of secrets that we can find, there are 5 that are basic and that every grill enthusiast should know:

  • Temperature

So that your food can have an adequate cooking and are ready to caramel , you should know that your grill has to be hot and at the right temperature. Therefore, if you have a drum with a lid , it is important that you keep it closed so that the heat is intense.

If you have a traditional grill, you must take care that the coal is high enough so that you can cook the meat evenly.

  • The heat

The way to take advantage of the heat in a grill can vary according to the circumstances. For example certain preparations require direct heat from the grill and there are others that are more delicate that need more cooking time, which will benefit better with an indirect cooking where the heat is transmitted uniformly and serves to make the food Do not burn on the outside before being well cooked inside.

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  • Beware of pollution

In a barbecue, the least we want is for our guests to get sick from what they have eaten. So avoid cross-contamination. When you are cooking meat, chicken or seafood it is advisable to have some containers and utensils separately so as not to contaminate the raw foods with those that are already cooked.

  • Gas or coal

The most typical and recommended is that you make your roasts using charcoal. Although at present the gas grills are gaining ground . If you are going to use a gas grill, be careful, since the irresponsible use of this element can cause accidents. The same care should be applied when using coal, although in this case heat and fire can be managed according to your needs.Here is a great list where you can pick the perfect grill gas or coal grill.

  • Utensils

To be able to handle ourselves with great ease on the grill it is advisable to invest in good quality utensils to ensure good treatment with what we are cooking. Buy some good elongated tweezers, a spatula and also some brushes.

The utensils can go from the grill itself to the wrappings that one uses to cook their cuts. We must also take into account our clothing, paying attention to an apron or accessories that we may need. All these utensils must be well organized in drawers or spaces where you can have everything at hand.

But there is no better advice than practice. It does not matter if you are a rookie grillman or a grill master, the perseverance in your barbecue will give you the best results. The more you cook, the better things will go on your grill

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