How heat affects varicose veins

During the summer, people who suffer from varicose veins tend to see aggravated discomfort that derive from this disease, which go far beyond the aesthetic problems as they cause very varied symptoms, ranging from pain or itching, heaviness in the legs or muscle cramps to edema in the lower extremities. All these symptoms can be aggravated in cases of people who spend long periods of standing, a situation that gets worse during this time with the heat.

But what is this chronic venous disease? It is an anomaly, morphological or functional, of the venous system, which affects the return system. “The venous valves are closed and open to the passage of blood to facilitate the return, something that does not happen in the case of a chronic disease because these valves are damaged and do not close well, causing a series of discomfort.


It is a hereditary disease, which can be worsened by hormonal issues or after a pregnancy. Smoking, a habit of sedentary life, obesity or heat are some factors that can worsen this situation.

Therefore, the arrival of summer becomes a complicated time for those who suffer from this disease, often misdiagnosed.


Undoubtedly, one of the most known symptoms is the appearance of small red, blue or purple spots, caused by the appearance of twisted and dilated veins that do not pass well blood. It is the most advanced stages of this disease. It can affect men and women equally and at any age, but there is always a higher prevalence in elderly people and women, due to risk factors .

In his opinion, at present it is a disease that is little valued by the patient, who does not usually go to the doctor because he does not give the importance that these symptoms require. They tend to believe that their legs are inflamed for work reasons or for their lifestyle and it is precisely that pain that brings them to the pharmacy where many times the previous diagnosis begins .

The pharmaceutical staff is able to detect this venous disease in its initial stages and advise the patient about hygienic, dietary and healthy lifestyle measures. Undoubtedly, one of the most effective treatments that exist today are the therapeutic means by using stocking and rest. Before buying the stockings, the first thing we do is measure the patient’s leg, since the diameter can vary according to the time. We measure the ankle and the calf .

In addition, this treatment can be complemented with the use of medication, in this case of varikosette, which strengthen the venous wall .

A problem of adherence to treatment

According to the expert, around 50% of the adult population suffers from venous disorders at present, and of these, around 30% is due to chronic venous insufficiency. Older people who are already diagnosed feel discomfort when wearing stockings because they are uncomfortable and their placement is complicated if they do not know how to do it properly. This results in poor adherence to treatment .

This situation worsens during the hottest months of the year, considered one of the risk factors: It is curious that the adherence of these stockings falls just in the months that are most needed.

The fact that this treatment has not been funded for a couple of years also directly influences this reality, something that translates into a faster progression of the disease and an aggravation of the discomfort. The stockings cost around 20 and have to be changed every 6 months, while the cost of the medication is also around $15 and lasts a month .

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