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How to Configure External Security Cameras to Catch Thieves


Security cameras this is one of the ways to safely improving your home security. The presence of these devices is enough to prevent intruders and thieves. This is because no intruder or thief would want to leave any evidence or be noticed. When you have correctly set the outdoor security cameras, not only will they scare away the thieves, but also, they are able to see  children, elderly people, and pets, even when they are far away (remote access) when they move up and down in the compound. However, having the latest outdoor security cameras is not enough; They must be correctly placed and placed in the right places. If you are a beginner and want to configure outdoor security cameras, this post has your concerns covered. We will dive into the installation and also, what you should know before buying an outdoor security camera. Outdoors security cameras are unique from the other types of security cameras. They are resistant to the weather and have the characteristic of night vision, two properties that define them.


Where to install external security cameras

Before buying an outdoor security camera, the first critical step is to identify the best places to install them and evaluate how many will be required. Any mistake in choosing these places would compromise their safety and that of their properties. To identify the best places, use the following question.

  • Where, as a family, do you think they are the best places?
  • What are the most sensitive parts of your home? Is it the garage and the bedroom?
  • Are there any obscure or hidden windows or entrances, which would be the preferred access points for thieves?
  • Have you ever had cases of theft or any previous interruption?
  • Where can the cameras get enough light?

After answering these questions, you will be able to identify the perfect places where these devices can be installed. Below are some of the places where you can install an outdoor security camera,

  • front door
  • Back door
  • Courtyard
  • Basement Stairs
  • window outside the street
  • Garage


How to Choose an Outdoor Security Camera

Before spending your hard-earned money on outdoor security cameras, it is advisable to do, an in-depth analysis of these cameras to help you know exactly what to look for in the camera. In this way, you will mitigate the possibilities of spending money on an outdoor camera, which will not serve you well.

Secondly, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the other types of security cameras, which includes,

  • Indoor cameras
  • Motion detector cameras
  • Adjustable cameras
  • Wireless technology cameras

The basic knowledge of these cameras gives you the ability to differentiate the external security camera from all other types. Also, evaluate the property (home) you want to protect so you can choose a camera that meets the size requirements and location factors.

Here are some of the features you should consider when buying an outdoor security camera

a) climate resistance

This is one of the features that each outdoor security camera should exhibit. Remember, you will install these devices on the outside of the house. Normally the climatic conditions will continue to change. The degree of weather resistance differs from one camera mark to another. However, whatever it is, the brand that is going to go must withstand rain, snow, and gentle wind. In this way, you will be sure of more vigilance, whether it rains or not. Secondly, the performance of the security camera should not be affected by climate changes. What it means, whether it’s raining or it’s foggy, the camera must capture clear videos that can be used even in identification. Most of these cameras have a protective hood protruding over the lens;

b) certification

One of the sure ways to know that you are buying a quality outdoor camera is when you verify the certification. When a camera is certified, it means that it can withstand the external conditions, for which it is made. In this way, you are sure that they are not fooling you. Additionally, certified cameras will have a manufacturer’s warranty covering a specific period. When the warranty is long, the manufacturer may be indicating that they rely a lot on that outdoor camera.

c) power of supply

It is not obvious that for a security camera to work it must be powered. This means that when buying a security camera, check if all the power supplies will be emitted, after the purchase. This will also be determined by where the most distant point will be in meters. Other outdoor cameras are battery powered so you do not need any wiring. In this case, consider the type of batteries

d) night vision

At night, security is more worrying than during the day. That is why an outdoor camera should have the ability to capture clear videos even at night.

e) Consider the type of outdoor security camera and choose one

Courtesy of technological advances, there is a wide variety of cameras on sale in the market today. Fortunately, the growing number of brands and models gives the consumer a variety to choose from, while at the same prices they have stabilized. There are three basic types of outdoor security cameras, which include:

  • cameras with cable
  • wireless cam
  • Fictitious cameras.



Choose the type that meets your demand and that is within the limits of your budget.

f) decide if you want a security camera in color or in black and white. Color security cameras, despite being expensive, capture color videos; therefore, you can even identify the exact colors of the clothes an intruder wore.

g) price

When you buy an outdoor security camera, do not break your bank account. However, it is priceless as your first consideration. Do not risk spending a few extra dollars, as long as the camera offers you the much-needed surveillance.

h) Other features to consider include

  • the shape of the camera, for example, bullet, shaped domes or cameras discreetly.
  • Infrared lighting feature
  • The angle of the lens
  • Transmission capacity
  • Speaker system and microphones
  • Thermostat control
  • Pan and zoom function

However, these are not the only general types you will find in the market. In some stores, their classifications may be longer than others. In addition, every day, outdoor security cameras are being advanced to be “smarter” Therefore, always look for the advanced brand.

Steps to install outdoor security cameras


After buying the outdoor security cameras of your choice,(there’s a great list at that can help you with your choice) , and having identified the places where you will install them, you can finally fix the cameras in your favorite places. There are two options, here, you can pay a professional or a handyman, or you can choose to save the installation cost, and do it yourself. DIY

a) draw a diagram of your paper surveillance system. This allows you to do the installation from one end to the other. In this way, the possibilities of making mistakes are mitigated. Also, in case you make an error, it is easy to find the exact place, the error occurred. In this way, you can discover how to connect the cameras and the shorter routes for the cables. If you have drawn a sketch to determine how many cameras you will buy, use the same sketch now, to get a good diagram.

B) The second step is to hire an electrician to supply power to all the positions in which he will fix the electric cameras. Use your diagram to identify all the points where the sockets will be placed.

c) proceed and configure the recording device and the monitor. To be able to store and access the footage, you will need a digital video recorder. This is where all the video transmissions are received, and then the images are transmitted to a monitor. This means that, in addition to buying the cameras, you must buy a monitor and a DVR .

d) install the cameras. When installing the cameras, make sure they are able to see all the entrances and exits to which they are directed. When these cameras, the best height is 10 feet, so it can not be accessed.


While some cameras have an adhesive pad so that it only attaches them to the wall. Do not use this method only. It is best to fix the camera with screws. Screwing the cameras uses this process

  • Place the camera stand where you want to fix the camera
  • Use a pencil to mark where you should put the screws
  • drill the holes you marked with a drill
  • insert the molding bolts
  • Screw each saddle, until tight
  • Place the camera in the selected angle

e) Connect the camera to the power supply. To connect the camera to the power source, use the adapters you received after you purchased the camera. If it is missing, call the seller

f) Connect the camera to the DVR using the cables emitted. Be sure to identify which side of the cable the DVR and the camera should go. If the cameras are wireless, connect them to the computer via WIFI. Connect all the cameras to the DVR and check if each camera has been recorded.

g) Connect the monitor to the DVR, using the supplied BNC cable. Before connecting, make sure that the computer is connected correctly by trying to turn it on independently.

H) Solve problems of the whole connection. Before moving on to the last step, go through the entire connection, checking if everything is fixed correctly. Make sure that all cameras are properly fixed and are connected to the power supply. Make sure there is not a loose connection in the whole system.

i) turn on all the power connections of the camera. The DVR and the monitor, and check if each camera is being detected and if the supply is clear. From this point on, you can follow the instructions to evaluate each camera separately. this allows you to verify if it covers the areas you intended and the quality of the feed. In case there is a problem, pay attention to each specific camera and make sure everything is fine.

That’s how to install a security camera for outdoors on your own. As you will notice, this is a nice task, especially if you love managing wiring connections. During installation, the most useful tool is the user’s manual that provides a step-by-step process on how to navigate the entire process. Also, watch videos online and follow the installation to simplify the process .. For your safety, do not do any electrical installation unless you are qualified.

The installation of outdoor security cameras is the first step you can take to protect your home, your property and your loved ones. These cameras form a critical part of a home security system . However, they are not enough to guarantee your safety, so complete them with other security measures. Outdoor security cameras, allow you to see everything that is happening when you are inside or remotely. Remote access means you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer to see live what is happening when you are not there. Security cameras offer many benefits by scaring intruders, notifying you of any unauthorized access, and providing a great source of evidence in case of interruption. Today, the security camera market has grown; There are hundreds if not thousands of brands. this is a victory for you the consumer; You have a variety of products, which are reasonably priced and readily available. so when choosing one, opt for the most advanced camera, however, you will have to pay more, but the sacrifice is worth it.

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