How to make a screenshot of a complete WhatsApp conversation on iPhone

Have you ever needed to send a WhatsApp conversation to a person and have had to do a lot of screenshots to get it? This does not happen if you only want to send a capture of a very small piece of a conversation, but if it is a long conversation you may have had to send 3, 4, 5, 6 or more screenshots.

As we know that this is the order of the day, in the following lines we want to explain a way to create a single screen capture with a complete WhatsApp conversation (although the method is really used to do the same with any iOS app that has scroll vertical: Facebook, Safari, Twitter, etc, etc …).


How to capture a WhatsApp conversation in a single image

To achieve this you could make several screenshots and then join them with some image editing app manually. This is somewhat tedious, since it is necessary to superimpose each of the captures so that they fit perfectly to be readable. We completely discard, since there are apps in the App Store that allow us to do it automatically as you will see below.

The app that we will use to achieve this is called Tailor . It is a free app and also has a paid version (through in-app purchases) that eliminates advertising and watermarking with its logo inserted in the final images.

The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Download Tailor on your iPhone from the App Store .
  2. Open Tailor (if this is the first time you open it, it will ask you for permission to access your photos).
  3. Go to WhatsApp and take screenshots of the conversation from which you want to create a single image. Try not to scroll too much for the app to have information to then join the captures and easily overlay the different parts.
  4. Re-open Tailor and it will automatically detect the screenshots and get to work. If everything goes well, it will generate a single image
  5. Tap on the Share button that will appear on the screen and choose what you want to do with the image (save it in Photos, send it via WhatsApp, publish it on Facebook, print it, etc, etc …).

screenshoot of whatsapp conversation on iPhone

And that’s all. After following the steps above you will have a screenshot of a complete conversation of WhatsApp that you can use for what you need and you will avoid having to save the conversation in several pieces.

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