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We all experience back problems at some point in our lives; during our young ages or old years. While there are many available remedies for back pain, at times the minor luxuries we ignore at times standout to be the best alleviators of your back pains. When I talk of minor luxuries here, I refer to recliners. Is that term familiar? Well, I guess it is. Recliners happen to be surprisingly the best in relaxation and back pain relieving. It is also referred to as a reclining chair.

However helpful recliners are, you need to get the best recliner for back pain support for everything to work out well for you. There some things you should consider. Below is a list of the considerations.


  1.    Comfortability:

This is a major factor to consider when getting the best recliner for back pain. What is the essence of using a recliner with zero comforts anyway? It doesn’t make sense at all. A good recliner should always offer quite a great deal of comfort. The surface should be spongy and comfy enough to eliminate all possible pressure points.

  1.    Size:

For recliner to be comforting and pain relieving, its size should perfect complement the size of the user. Can you imagine laying on a recliner smaller than your body size?  Isn’t that crazy? Yes, it is. Such kind of a recliner will do nothing less than worsening your condition.

  1.    Reclining speed:

Remember you have issues with your back. Therefore, you shouldn’t stress your sine whatsoever. Speedy reclining will be inappropriate for you. It will definitely strain the spine as it tries to resist the sudden posture change.  Slow but sure they say, I recommend you get a slower recliner.

  1.    Firmness:

This will apply for both the recliner frame and the cushion. Remember your back needs adequate support for spine alignment.

  1.   Warranty period:

It is important that you check the warranty period of the recliner before purchasing.

  1.     The type of recliner:

You surely do not forget such an important factor. The type of recliner you pick will surely determine the kind of services you get back, its reliability and the kind.

Basically, there are two types of recliners as stated below:

  1.    Power Recliners
  2.    Manual Recliners

              Out of personal experience, I recommend a power machine over a regular Recliner with genuine reasons. Regular Recliners are good but as good as Power Recliners.

Power Recliners

From its name, you can obviously guess what kind of a recliner it is. It uses electric power to operate. It’s more reliable compared to a manual recliner.                       

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  •    It is fast
  •    Can still operate as a chair after the motor is damaged completely
  •    They have a gentle reclining speed thus good for back pain victims
  •    It is easy to operate ( You don’t have to strain operating it)


  •    It is expensive compared to manual recliners
  •    In case of power loss, the chair will not perform reclining tasks.

Difference between power and manual recliners

Manual Recliners (also known as Normal recliners) happen to be the very first invention of recliners. The two offer the same services but they do differ in their operation and functionality.

Manual Recliners are mechanically operated by hand. No electric power is used whatsoever. On the other hand, Power Recliners are an advancement of the manual recliners. They are powered by ultra-modern technology and their operating does not require much of human power except that of activation.

Comparably, Manual Recliners are quite cheaper compared to Power recliners. Nonetheless, the power recliners are the best for back pain relief. As I said earlier in the article, the power recliners do recline in a gentle manner. In contrary, manual recliners recline fast and thus not recommended for back pain relief.

Advantages of recliners (In back pain relieving)

  •    Their reclining ability helps align your spine
  •    They promote home décor and décor and display a sense of style
  •    They are cheap compared to other means of back pain relieving e.g. Medical treatment
  •    They are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another
  •    Recliners save space (They do not really consume large spaces of your house)
  •    Recliners come in different sizes to satisfy user needs and preferences.

              Disadvantages of recliners (In back pain relieving)

  •     Power recliners can be expensive sometimes and thus not reliable for back pain victims
  •    Recliners do not last long enough for a complete back pain recovery


  An alternative remedy for back pain

   As I said earlier in the article, back pain is a common problem and has several remedies already in place. However, there only a few of the many remedies can work out well for you. The use of recliners is a perfect remedy. At times though, recliners can be expensive, Worry not though, my extensive research gave me an alternative remedy in case you can’t afford to purchase a recliner. Use of mattress toppers will perfectly relieve back pains as well. They are basically designed to add comfort and support to your mattress. They are capable of relieving back pains. For more information, see our post on the best mattress toppers for back pains.




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