Samsung phones send photos to contacts without the user’s consent

“My Galaxy S9 Plus has sent my entire collection of photos to my girlfriend while she was sleeping.” This alarming text has given way to a fire that has started on Reddit and soon after has jumped to the forums and the entire network. The problem has not been identified by Samsung, maker of the model, which is currently investigating the error. Responsible for the firm in the United States have confessed that “they are aware of the problem” and are studying it .


“Samsung has reviewed this issue over the past few days: however, no relevant items have been found on the phones or the programs ( hardware or software ) for this particular case, as there have been no similar complaints globally, we will continue the investigation of this event We encourage users who have questions or problems to contact their user center through the company has officially replied.

What is happening exactly? It is still unknown the scope and exact reasons why the devices act in this way, but, according to the published in the forums and social networks, it is a system error that allows the mobile access to the photo gallery and, in a completely random way, it sends them to certain contacts. Involuntary submissions are channeled through the native platform Samsung Messages and it is investigated if they have registered through MMS, which could imply an additional cost to users.

The problem has been detected for the moment with users in the United States, so it is analyzed if the error is linked to an update of profiles of the T-Mobile operator or to the AT & T subscribers.

What to do to avoid the problem? It is recommended to disable the storage permissions , accessing Settings> Applications> Samsung Messages> Permissions> Storage, and thus prevent, at least, the access of the platform to the photographs.

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