Scribit: a robot painter who decorates our walls at will

Suspended by two sons, Scribit moves on a wall and, driven by an app, draws almost anything with four erasable ink markers. All children dreamed about it, Carlo Ratti from MIT did it. He settles in  “five minutes with two nails” and can work on large surfaces. Its built-in eraser can delete everything.

In 2015, design firm Carlo Ratti Associati presented the project of a  FFD Vertical Plotter , with a prototype made at MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ), where Carlo Ratti works. It resulted in a finished product, a kind of aluminum pie box presented at  Salone del Mobile , in April 2018. On Kickstarter, the search for funds was an immediate success, with the budget collected in two hours.

Become Scribit, the little robot painter has found its commercial form. It is suspended by two very fine threads, to fix on two nails planted at the top of the wall , at each upper corner of this improvised screen. These cables are wound on two pulleys driven by independently controlled electric motors. Scribit can thus move in two dimensions and reach any point of this imposed frame.

Scribit reproduces an existing image

The rest is a matter of programming, cleverly entrusted to an application usable with a smartphone

chatting with Scribit. The image to be reproduced can be created on a computer or retrieved anywhere. It is thus possible to write  Happy Birthday or the list of races to be done as to embark on a reproduction of  The Mona Lisa or to let the youngest learn about  Street Art .

With the smartphone, the user sends the image to Scribit and indicates the size. This is the only thing to do after physically installing the unit, which can write on a smooth, well-painted wall or, perhaps more simply, on a window . The Homo sapiens of the XXI th century he find wall art?

© Scribit

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