The importance of a reclining sofas for sleep

The reclining motorized reclining sofas  have been designed to guarantee you rest wherever you decide to place them, either in a private, work environment or in the privacy of your home, the sofas will welcome you allowing you to have a break from the hectic routine of the day.
Reclining  sofas can be considered synonymous with family warmth, allowing more family members to indulge in the most varied activities such as watching TV, spending evenings among friends and board games, or even just reading a book.




The motorized recling chairs ensure psycho-physical well-being in every environment

In the domestic sphere

In the home environment, the reclining relax sofas are used to satisfy the quality of rest and not only, the motorized sofas allow the end of a tiring day to lift the legs thus improving the venous microcirculation and limiting the feeling of heaviness, also counteracting the action of gravity, which during the course of the day attracts the fluids of the lymphatic system causing stagnation and swelling in the limbs.

In medical studies

In addition to the home environment, they are indispensable in waiting rooms or in medical offices , particularly used by psychoanalysts to help patients embark on a journey into their own unconscious, letting them sit down to the comfort of reclining sofas . The first promoter of the sofas in his own studio, was Sigmud Freud, considered as the founding father of psychology, he used the sofa to make his patients relax, facilitating the perceptions and influence of thoughts during the therapy session. Therefore they can be considered a natural anti-stress in which to let themselves go to walk the alleys of emotions and inner sensations.

In the spas and wellness centers

Other interesting alternatives in which the electric relax sofas are arranged are the wellness centers and the spas , the structures employ the sofas to favor the relaxation of their customers while they are enjoying a hot drink. A good reclining relax sofa increases the possibility of incurring small relaxing breaks even if short but certainly regenerating throughout the day.

The importance of a relaxing sofa in self-care

The comfortable padded seats of the reclining sofas are to be considered a real remedy for the health of the body, placed inside a comfort area; they allow not only rest and psychophysical well-being but it has been established, that the introduction of a good sofa in one’s lifestyle, increasing the quality of rest thanks to a comfortable support, enables a series of hormonal processes and triggers the production of ” serotonina “, also called” wellness hormone “, which has the ability to give off positive feelings by making you feel good.

In recent years, health systems have suggested adopting healthy attitudes aimed at maintaining good health, practicing sporting activities or following proper nutrition, so it is just as important to insert an effective moment of rest in your day, sitting on a pleasant reclining relaxing sofa. .

Through some scientific studies the usefulness of the 30 minutes of rest in the middle of the day has been highlighted, especially after an almost sleepless night; the result was more than positive for the hormone system that was re-inverted, restoring the neuroendocrine and immune biomarkers, with subsequent intervention at the hormonal level, and with a reduction in stress levels, increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.

Also not to be ignored is the respect of the right sleep-wake biorhythms to counteract the levels of cortisol, hormone responsible not only for stress but also for premature aging and the increase of free radicals, these are the main factors that contribute and lead to internal chaotic spirals of tensions and fatigue.

It is not a novelty that a bad rest, associated with a bad posture over time, cause or aggravate physical problems in 50% of cases. Among the most current back pain, typical symptom of uncomfortable and poorly designed seats; unlike the electric relaxation sofas allow you to relax while maintaining a comfortable posture . Therefore, resorting to the choice of a functional furnishing that provides a comfortable seat that improves the quality of the break, albeit short, will provide the optimal support to avoid the problems related to the cervical or muscular tension problems and to alleviate musculoskeletal pain.

The beautiful and functional reclining relax couches

Unfortunately, designers do not always elaborate elements with design that includes both aesthetic principles and functional principles; at the expense are the customers who incur the choice between the furnishing of an environment that reflects their aesthetic standards and at the same time maintains excellent levels of comfort. Some manufacturers offer reclining relaxing sofas that combine aesthetic and comfort needs as well as having a  versatility that ranges from youthful and dynamic characteristics, to the needs of the elderly and the disabled, facilitating sitting and varying it according to the needs of the moment, allowing the alignment of the cervical and lumbar tract following the lines of the body so that you can sit down or even lie down. There’s great list recliners for sleeping comfortable at check them out.


The two or three-seater reclining sofas are very useful in furnishing areas that are not necessarily too large, in fact the dimensions allow to enrich the area without giving up pleasant design elements. The use and the versatility of electric relax sofas goes far beyond the simple use of “comfortable seat”, in fact they allow to adopt different positions by resorting to the various options depending on the usefulness of the moment.

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