The new iPhone will have colors never seen before

The presentation of the new iPhone models should be in the fall, and with the passing of the weeks rumors intensify. Among the most clamorous is that reported by the Chinese site 21st Century Business Herald , according to which the Cupertino house would be considering to include in some models the dual sim feature: an option invoked for a long time by many users, but that so far Apple had always discarded.

It would however be a reinterpretation of this feature according to Apple’s corporate vision: one of the two SIMs would already be included in the phone, and it would be an Apple SIM, already experimented with the iPad Mini of 2016. It is a SIM that works in over 180 countries, and allows the user to connect with different operators depending on the most convenient rates in the place where it is located. In addition to this, the traditional side slot would remain to insert the SIM of the telephone company chosen by the user.

There are no indications on which models could include the news and which should be excluded, and perhaps for the citizens of the European Union the news arrives a little late, since the abolition of roaming costs since 2017 already allows for example, who lives between two European countries to use a single national SIM at the cheapest rate. But it remains a very interesting option in the rest of the world, and for those who prefer to have different phone numbers for work and personal communications.

All that remains is to wait for the autumn.

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