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These are the browsers with which we can save data on our mobile

The competition between mobile browsers is very large. There are many options for all types of users. In recent years, browsing through mobile devices has increased significantly. That is why it has also done the range of possibilities that we have to install both Android and iOS. Today we are going to focus on something that worries users. We will show interesting browsers that consume less data . Recently we talked about Heavy Page Capping, which warns us when a website consumes a lot of data .

Browsers that consume less data

If we ask a mobile phone user what is worrying him or what would improve, he would surely say the battery and also the data consumption. For both there are solutions. None is miraculous, of course. However, we can use tools that allow us to use the device in a similar way, but consuming less data.


One of these browsers that allow you to consume less data is Yandex . It has a turbo option with which it compresses the traffic when entering a page and also saves data. All this to avoid having to load them again and to work faster. With this we managed to save data in our rate.

This turbo mode can be configured so that it is always enabled, disabled or automatically. This data saving mode allows the user to navigate in a similar way, but consuming fewer resources.

It is a free software that we can download for Android and for iOS .



APUS is another option we have for browsers that consume less data. It is less known, but the share of users who opt for it is increasing more and more. Thanks to this browser we can activate the mode without images. In this way, when we enter a page, the images and videos that make us consume data will be deactivated .

Logically, the browsing experience is reduced, but it is perfect to consult the press and focus only on the text. It is also very interesting for times when we do not have good coverage. In this way we can load the page without so many problems, even with a 2G network.

We can download it from the official Android store .



On this occasion if we are facing one of the most popular browsers. Dolphin is used by many users in both Android and iOS. As in the previous case, it also offers a navigation mode without images. In this way we can save data when browsing.

Besides being a browser with lighter options to navigate, it has many options. One of the most outstanding is the possibility of navigating through gestures, something that saves us a lot of time.

We can download it in the Android store  and the iOS store .



The KK browser promises a decrease in data consumption of 60% in its compressed mode. It also offers the possibility of browsing without images. We can activate that only load text. As mentioned above, it is not the best way to search for information on the Internet, but it can be interesting at certain times when our data rate is close to running out.

It also has options such as night mode and consumes very little resources on the device.

It is available for Android devices .


Google Chrome

In this list could not miss Google Chrome. It is the most used browser and, although it is not its most outstanding function, it also has a way to save data. To do this we simply have to activate it in the menu, in Settings, and enter Save data. By default it will come in No.

In this way the pages will be compressed and we will be able to navigate faster, while saving data. Logically, the browsing experience will not be the same.

We can download it for Android.



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