Toys vs school education

Parents make lots of sacrifices to get their children to a good school. But, is getting education enough for overall development. Obviously not. And, this is where toys come into the picture. Hence, in this article, we will talk about Toys vs school education.

And, how toys can do things that our education systems fail to do.


What our education system lacks?

There is a common problem that school education systems are facing around the world. This problem is focusing too much on feeding information to our kids. Although, learning new things and gaining knowledge is important, but more than that, learning how to use that knowledge is important.

But, schools are either not interested in teaching you think, or they don’t do a very good job of it. That is why it is important to supplement school education with toys in order to get an overall personality development for your kid.


Logical Toys

There are many toys available in the market that solely focus on improving the logical reasoning in your kids. Rubik’s cube is one of those toys. But, it’s not the only one. You can easily find them online. All you have to do is to make sure to buy a toy that will suit the personality and interest of your kid.


Building toys

Building toys are a great way to enhance your reasoning, problem-solving and creating skills. Every kid should have at least one building toy in their arsenal.

You can do with the classic building set from LEGO that is great for both kids as well as adults. Or, you can go for KNEX building sets that are more targeted towards older kids. With KNEX sets your kid can build models that are mobile and more sophisticated.


Story Writing

Although we are taught literature at school, for students it is nothing more than yet another subject that they need to learn.

Toys, here again, can come to rescue. Story cubes are one such toy that helps your kid to polish the story making side of the brain.

In this game, you are given several cubes with pictures on each side. The players have to roll the dices and make a story based on the images that show up.

This wills definitely push your kid to think, which is the first step towards growth.



As many great people have said before, schools teach to how to be a job seeker rather than a job giver. Hence, the education your child will be getting at a schooling will never be enough for your kid.

There are a few toys in the market that can prepare your child a little bit for the entrepreneurial future. For example, Pizza co is one such toy. It gives your kid the experience of how it is like to run a pizza business.

It includes making pizza, interacting with the customers and taking payments. It comes with an app that mixes reality with the virtual world.

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