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Which fruits and vegetables German Shepherds cannot eat

What fruits German Shepherd should not eat – Did you know that there are a few fruits and vegetables that dogs should not eat ? Although offering a piece of fruit from time to time to your GSD is healthy, there are certain fruits that are good for humans, but not for dogs. Okay, carrots are good, but would you know if grapes are good for dogs too? And the tomatoes? If you do not have it clear, here is our list of toxic fruits and vegetables for German Shepherd dog!:

List of toxic fruits and vegetables for dogs

Regardless of whether dogs can eat carrots, peas, and other vegetables, we have prepared a list of toxic FRUITS that dogs should not eat:

1. Grapes and Raisins are toxic for dogs:


Although it sounds exaggerated, it is not. There are dogs that have died from eating grapes and raisins, as is. In large quantities, both grapes and raisins can damage a dog’s kidney and cause kidney failure. In small quantities, grapes can cause diarrhea in dogs.

It is curious, but although the grapes are toxic to your Shepherd, it seems that it does not affect everyone equally, and there would be a percentage of dogs “immune” to the toxic raisins and grapes. However, as we do not know if our dog is one of the “chosen”, as a precaution, do not pass your dog as a prize or bauble and keep grapes and raisins out of reach !. You read more here about a study done for three years in which they feed 10 dogs grapes ,both acute gastrointestinal and renal toxicosis were found in the dogs.

2. Avocados could be bad for German Shepherd:

Why did you put the avocado here? -The avocado is actually a fruit, not a vegetable .In fact it is the fruit of the avocado or American persea, family of the Lauraceas. As good as it is, and I assure you that its oily texture is attractive to dogs, it seems that avocado is not good for dogs.

What happens if I give my German Shepherd some milk with a little guacamole? It’s the usual thing, you do not have to go to the extreme. Your dog will not die because one day you give him a small piece of avocado, but in large intakes or taking it continuously, the avocado could be toxic to dogs because of the persin it contains. Persina is a fungicidal substance present in the leaves, fruit and seeds of the avocado. Fungicide means to kill fungi and molds that would harm the plant.

However, it is not known exactly what is the dose that causes an avocado poisoning in dogs , but it is known that persina is toxic to other species of animals such as cats, horses and some birds . The truth is that there are still studies on these issues. I know that there are people who give avocado or avocado to their dog  regularly and nothing bad has happened to them. Now, my position, for prudence is to avoid giving avocado to dogs and cats, waiting for more data.

And now, let’s see the list of vegetables that your German Shepherd should not eat:

1. Onions and garlic are bad for German Shepherds in large doses:


When we say onion and garlic , we must also include the related vegetables such as shallots, leeks or chives. The onion and garlic in small doses occasionally they will not poison your dog, they will not get sick or anything bad will happen. But the onion itself is dangerous for dogs in considerable doses (eat half an onion or eat an entire onion) or repetitive doses (eat a few pieces of onion every day). Both vegetables contain thiosulfate , which can destroy red blood cells in dogs (and cats), which can cause anemia.

Between garlic and onion, the onion is worse, because it contains the toxic in doses much greater than garlic. That’s why we recommend that you do not include onions in the food you prepare for your dog.

Now, if your  dog one day eats a stew that contains onions , and swallows a few small pieces , will something bad happen? The answer is no.

2. Raw potatoes with green shoots are toxic for dogs:


On the internet there are some articles and videos in which it is said that cats and dogs cannot eat potatoes because they are toxic, but this is false . What are they based on, to say that? In nothing, and then they are copying the articles and videos, each other, with zero professional rigor. And it’s a shame, because those videos have thousands of visits and are giving people information that is not true.

The reality is that raw potatoes when they are green on the outside, leaves and stem of potato plants and sprouts that come out potatoes are toxic to dogs because they contain solanine .

Solanine is present in potatoes naturally and is a bitter and very toxic substance , both for animals and humans, even in small doses. So?

The good part is that this toxic alkaloid disappears when we boil the potatoes. So the rules are:

  • Do not have potato plants near your dogs and
  • Give them potatoes as part of their diet if you wish, but better boiled potatoes,
    and so we do not risk it.

What fruits do not eat dogs, CONCLUSION

In conclusion, there are some toxic fruits and vegetables for your German Shepherd dog, or that dogs should not eat normally. Surely because one day they eat a piece of one, nothing will happen, but it is better to keep them out of reach and not use them as ingredients in your daily meal. In summary of what we have seen before, the list of toxic fruits and vegetables for dogs would be:

  • Fruits: grapes, raisins and avocados.
  • Vegetables: onions and raw potatoes with green shoots.

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