8 Advantages of Creating a MOBILE APP for your Business

Do you know the advantages of creating an app for your company ? If not, I want to explain why you should value creating an app for your business and what benefits it can bring you. The online world has opened a door to unparalleled progress, which is changing the way things were previously done and understood. It is changing our habits of life and consumption , to such an extent that today rare is the person who does not use a smartphone or tablet to talk or communicate with friends and family (using social networks or specific applications such as WhatsApp), make purchases and much more.

Within this new world have emerged different segments and market opportunities as technology has evolved and this has been the key to the arrival of mobile applications. Today there are thousands of applications to do almost anything that you can think of or need anywhere in the world (and will continue to appear even more) thanks to the versatility they offer.


This has led to the creation of a growing market around the world which increasingly demands this type of specific software that, as is logical, has been occupying a greater market share with respect to websites that have tools or tools , specific services, contents, etc. For the moment, websites and apps are being complementary elements and not substitutes, so you can take advantage of both media to disseminate products, services, content, and everything that may be of interest to a company.

And that’s where I want to go with this article. Creating an app can be a factor that makes the difference between your business and that of the competition . So here I leave some of the most important advantages and benefits of creating an app and what factors can improve your business .

# 1 Centralized management and control of all aspects of your business

We could say that it is one of the most important competitive advantages that the creation of an app can bring. The apps have the characteristic of using and having user bases of limited size , so it is very easy to centralize and manage key aspects of the business , such as marketing, the development of the application itself, the management of the company, the work of customer service and much more.

So much so, that a single person can handle all aspects of the application(this has generated many opportunities for self-employment). Therefore, apps are tools increasingly used by both large companies and SMEs and self-employed for the management and enhancement of their business. And it is that you can manage all the elements of the app from the same place without great knowledge in the field.


# 2 Control your business from anywhere and at any time

Thanks to mobile devices and apps any entrepreneur can be aware of everything that happens with your business and be connected to it from anywhere at any time , thus increasing efficiency, sales and the impact of your business and reducing the costs associated with it.

Everything will depend on the needs and objectives that you want to cover with the creation of the app by the company, since each business is a world, and different functionalities may be required depending on the type of activity, the tasks that you want to carry out with the app, the type of products and services and a long etc.

# 3 Efficient management of clients and professionals

As I indicated before, the type of app you need is based on the needs and objectives that you want to cover with the application in the company . One of the advantages of creating an app for your business is that it can be used for each specific group of people that are part of the business or that are part of their environment, such as applications to attract new customers and users, communicate with suppliers and creditors, manage tasks and activities carried out by workers, etc.

Mobile applications are no longer a tool only for consumers and individuals , but also represent a great productive advantage for companies and professionals because of their power of segmentation among other differential characteristic factors that have mobile applications.

# 4 Loyalty and improvement of engagement with your clients

This is one of the most important advantages of creating an application for your business model , since it allows you to increase sales and customer loyalty with those you already have. This is because they allow actions to attract qualified public and encourage the interaction of that audience that generate leads (for example, being able to send offers and special promotions for your users and regular customers.) Furthermore, they allow you to make a segmentation like you have not seen before. before, only comparable to a website.

# 5 They do not require a large investment

Many self-employed and managers or owners of SMEs often think that mobile applications are only worthwhile for large companies and companies, something that is really wrong. They believe that developing an app results in an excessive outlay of capital , that they offer functions that are too specificfor what your business really needs and that are too complicated to use and will not get enough profitability .

This is something that I would like to completely disprove, since any business can benefit from the advantages of an app , regardless of its size. Moreover, based on the importance of mobile applications for some companies currently (either in the market or specific creation), many of these companies would be limited as they would not be able to function properly without them.

Another aspect to take into account at this point would be the use that you want to give the app and the level of involvement with the investment made by the company. Creating an app is not synonymous with secure business , but is another element in the activity of the business to which we must pay special attention and care as in the rest of tasks, activities, functions and details that may be required for the correct operation of the company and the profitability and efficiency of all the productive elements.

It is very important to be well informed about the prices, to be clear about how much it can cost to create it  and the cost of its development and maintenance, so as not to take surprises or that can deceive you. Everything will depend on the level of functionality, budget and objectives that you have to create the application. To do this, you must know the key features that determine the app price and be clear that it can be an important investment for any company, although it will depend on each type of business.

# 6 They offer a multitude of business possibilities

To create an app, you just have to have an idea different from what is currently offered or look for a niche or market niche where you appreciate that there is a solution to solve some difficulty, problem or inherent need that you can address and then look for a technological developer or  outsourcing development that is capable of converting that solution into a mobile application capable of solving that problem or need .

Later you will have to design a strategy to convert the chosen market into downloads and users of the application to ensure the success of the service offered by the app. You can create an app to solve a problem for customers and users, which you can market or offer it for free and monetize it (through In App advertising, customer loyalty and subsequent purchases, Premium functions), or for management aspects of the business, how to improve efficiency and save and lower costs. Some examples would be the control of merchandise, payments to suppliers, control of workers and a long etc.

# 7 Discover new users and retain your audience

Every day, millions of users use mobile applications around the world, of which a good percentage of them are active . If you do not create an app for your business, you’ll be losing potential customers and the opportunity for more and more users to know your products and services as well as your brand.

Currently, the mobile market globally is essential for any company or self-employed. The one that is not present today in the online world, is almost as if it did not exist for the vast majority of users and will hardly achieve success with your business.

Even so, it is an increasingly competitive market in which highlighting is very complicated since there are thousands of applications (some very similar between them) and it is difficult to differentiate and that the user or customer choose between your app or any other of the competition. Therefore it is essential to have a good expert in positioning ASO (positioning of the apps within the App Store or app stores like Google Play Store or App Store) if you want to be successful when creating an app for your business.

# 8 Communication and acquisition of new customers

mobile app can be a great channel of communication and capture of new customers , since it can be used as a marketing tool, since it offers the possibility to your customers to access all your brand information from your smartphone or tablet in any moment and place or to make communications directed to them through it by your business.

Thanks to this, the possible client or user can also show and share the app with their close people (family, friends, colleagues, etc), producing the famous word of mouth so important for traditional businesses (until today) and thus  capture to new customers in a simple (and cheap) way. That is, a happy customer is always the best ambassador for your app , so the application itself will be an instrument for capturing customers in itself, very powerful for any business.

A mobile app can make a difference in your business

Now that you know the most important advantages of creating an app for your business and the importance it has for any sector and business, you just have to find a good developer for your app, who knows your needs and helps you achieve success with the same.


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