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Advantages and disadvantages of bank cards without bank account

In recent years, offers of bank cards without bank account are more numerous. Most stores and service providers favor their use while others refuse them anyway. Anyway, many  people currently have their own bank cards without bank account and can choose between several offers that could correspond most to their activities. What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid bank cards? To know a little more, here is an article which I devoted on the subject.


The main advantages of bank cards without bank account

? Make online shopping easy

Prepaid bank cards are mainly known for shopping online. It’s even one of the most secure ways to guarantee fast payment. No need to provide your bank details to place an order, just use your card to make an online purchase. In addition, it is possible to check the available balance to avoid any attempts of fraud. With a prepaid card, e-commerce becomes much simpler and the transfer time is very fast.

? No bank refusals possible

Taking into account the number of people who are in a difficult situation with their bank accounts, prepaid bank cards have become very practical alternatives. With this type of card, you do not risk any refusal as a bad credit. And even those who are banned from banking will be able to continue making payments or withdrawals. In addition, no verification will be required and access to the card is open to all.


? Ability to use it abroad

If you are the type of person who travels all the time abroad, the use of a prepaid bank card would be very useful. Not only will you be able to continue to make secure transfers and the exchange rates remain very interesting. Moreover, bank cards without bank account are often among the payment methods valid when you are traveling in a foreign country.

? A good way to protect your privacy

Currently, most providers who offer prepaid credit cards want to maintain the confidentiality of transactions made by their customers. The transactions and all banking transactions will be completely confidential and will not be linked to your personal bank account. In addition, a credit card can be purchased online. No need to move around your agency or fill in long documents about your privacy. Everything is done quickly and safely.

? A low-cost money transfer

To send money to your family or loved ones, bank cards without a bank account are also ways to make a cheaper transfer. To do this, simply recharge your account remotely from a transfer, for example, and then the person who should receive the money could go to any vending machine to withdraw the amount. Your transfer will be cheaper.

? A means of payment suitable for teenagers

Unlike the standard bank card, a bank card without a bank account would be much more suitable for a child or a teenager. Thus, you will be able to control the available balance and do not run any risk of penalty for unauthorized overdraft. Similarly, there is no possibility of hidden charges . Everything is easily verifiable.

Possible disadvantages

? Unable to exceed the amount you credited

One of the first drawbacks of bank cards without a bank account is the impossibility of exceeding the amount you have credited. On the one hand, this could help you calculate your expenses and limit the cost of your purchases, however it could be really embarrassing for some people who are already at the cash register and who are in situations where their purchases are refused because a credit deficiency.

? The existence of annual fees

To use a bank card without a bank account, you must pay a fee every year. If you will not use the card frequently, I advise you to opt for a regular bank card. Otherwise, for withdrawals, there are also fees associated with them. Thus, the withdrawals are not really interesting for bank cards without bank account except in case of emergency.

? Flight possibilities

Like all other bank cards, there is the possibility of theft. So be careful and keep your PIN code secret and make all possible arrangements in case of loss of the card. Under these circumstances, you can immediately call the stop number of your supplier.


Of all this, we could say that prepaid bank cards are very interesting on several points and could make your transactions and purchases much easier. Moreover, it is a way to help you calculate your expenses and carry out transactions in complete confidentiality. Otherwise, for travelers and those who are followers of e-commerce, this is the best alternative for making money transfers. In addition, teens can also use credit cards through the existence of these prepaid cards. And for those who like to preserve the confidentiality of the transactions they will perform, a prepaid bank card would also be the best option. Anyway, these types of cards still represent some disadvantages not to neglect. For it, please always check the status of your account before making any purchases. In addition, consider the corresponding fees to avoid all kinds of surprises. And finally, choose the providers that could best meet your needs. This way, you will be able to make the most of the advantages and avoid the possible disadvantages.

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