Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the City


Most people dream to live in the city. They believe that residing in a highly urbanized place is better than a countryside. But that kind of living cannot suffice the life in a rural area. And there are lots of things that we can only find and experience in the city.

So, let’s find out the pros and cons of living in an urbanized area.

Advantages of living in a city


  • Public transportation


Access can be considered the main advantage in an urban center. Although the parking cost is expensive, people ditch high gas and maintenance prices for traveling by public transit, foot, and bike.

The good thing is that large cities boast cutting-edge buses and high-end train systems. These ways of transportation run on a regular basis and provide affordable rates. This makes traveling more cost-effective and comfortable.


  • Different attractions and entertainment


Cities are packed with green space, music venues, museums, theater, cultural attractions, and other forms of entertainment. These highly urbanized places have a variety of options for getting the most out of your free time. Others have free options, cultural programs, and rewards to enjoy every entertainment and attraction. Aside from big stores, skyscrapers, and office buildings, the culture and entertainment can be another reason to settle in a city.


  • Restaurants and shopping


Urban areas offer other experiences that are not available in small towns. From department stores, boutiques, to ethnic food stores, cities offer unique and memorable dining and shopping. When you’re lacking supplies, you can go to malls and commercial establishment easily.

For those who have a hectic schedule and are unable to cook the food themselves, don’t worry because there are a range of restaurants for you. What’s even more convenient is that you can order online. While working at home, the food of your option will be delivered straight to your doorstep. It will be fast, so the long hours of waiting will not be a problem. Plus, every deliveryman is nice, friendly, and professional.

  • Better infrastructure

In rural areas there is usually less equipment and services than in cities. Thus, for example, to carry out procedures, to pursue higher education or to obtain more specialized medical assistance, the rural population is forced to move to an urban center.


  • Networking


A city is expected to have thousands or even millions of people. Many of us believe that we can’t find peace and comfort in an urbanized place. However, it is always possible despite the number of people.

With the high percentage of population, it will be an advantage for you. It has unlimited social potential for networking and friends. While those with similar backgrounds separate into neighborhoods, cities also have a great diversity. Plus, the life in this place gives you the opportunity to broaden your professional contacts. It will also help you grow personal relationships.


  • Medical care and service


The problem in a rural area is that it lacks innovative hospital equipment. When a sick person get admitted in a suburban healthcare center, they don’t receive the best service they deserve. Sometimes, attending physicians would recommend them to be transferred in an urban hospital, which is very stressful and inconvenient on their part.

In cities, low quality facilities are not a problem. Hospitals are equipped with the latest technology, a team of world class doctors, or excellent services. The only downside is that the bills are super expensive. But there are many types of medical insurance you should take advantage to cope up with costly medical care expenses.


  • A great culture


Cities are vibrant centers of unique and special culture that provide opportunities to experience the local community. There is a ton of interesting options such as art galleries, theaters, clubs, concert venues, parks, clubs, restaurant, and a lot more. There is no shortage of fun activities that can match your interest. You will enjoy spending your time in these places without regrets.


  • Optimal convenience


The comfort of city life is another reason for you to live there. Everything is available for your convenience. Whether you need to go to work or buy home supplies, the transportation is hassle-free. It is also much simpler to enjoy nights out. You don’t have to stress yourself about missing the last bus.


  • Careers and other opportunities


An amazing perk of living in the city is the amount of education and career. Whether you want to earn a bachelor’s degree, post-baccalaureate education, or seek an employment opportunity, city gives you the chance to learn and develop. You can also participate in volunteer works.

  • Better education

The best educational institutions are concentrated in the cities and although this may vary in some places, the variety of schools in the city is a big plus and the reason why many of them move. From the most basic levels such as primary and secondary levels, you can notice a difference in educational levels.

One of the great advantages of the city is to be able to choose between several options, your school or the school for your children. The offer is wide: both public and private. Being able to choose, for example, between traditional schools and active schools. With a standard registration or with a minor registration, which ensures personalized attention.

  • Recreation centers

Of course, in cities, not all are constructions to live and work. There are also spaces where you can entertain or distract yourself in your spare time. There are many green areas where you can practice sports, go for a walk and live together. As well as bars, restaurants, cinemas and museums, among many.


  • Different options for living

The real estate offer is greater in the city; offering you the opportunity to choose between single or condominium houses, apartments and even multi-purpose buildings -residential, commercial and office-, which make your life easier.

Disadvantages of living in the city

Since you already knew the pros of living in the city, let’s take a close look at the cons.


  • Lack of privacy


The main disadvantage of urban lifestyle necessitates the living in a fully crowded metropolitan. This extremely reduces your privacy because of little space and night activities. In rural settings, privacy is easy to have. In the city, the possibility is lessened.

Most buildings are close together. Living in flats is the most common option. This means that you are surrounded by many people, resulting in reduction of privacy.


  • High rent prices


It’s expected that an urban living brings a large number of people. This population has to be accommodated in living quarters, increasing the demand for a housing unit. With the high demand from the public, it leads to a drastic price increase. Every unit is rented out at a high price. Outright purchases are even costlier.

Despite the expenses you have to handle, it’s still exciting and fulfilling. The employment opportunities will give you enough sources of income. The good news is that there are other housing units you can afford. But it requires a lot of work, time, and effort. At the end of the day, you will find an option that suits your needs.


  • Lack of green spaces


Typically, most urban settings do not have green spaces. The good news is that there are some but they are hard to find. People look for these spaces to do some physical activities such as walking and running which promotes good health. As an alternative, give parks and other open spaces a try. These provide you an opportunity to practice healthy living.

But nothing can beat a green space. After long and stressful months of work, consider to unwind and travel. Make sure to explore the most beautiful place to overcome your stress. Just plan ahead of time so that the successful escapade of your dreams will come to life.


  • Pollution


The number one issue in urban centers are motorized transport and waste from people. Commonly these places don’t have enough green cover. As a result, there is high percentage of harmful gases in the atmosphere. Unlike rural lifestyle, urban centers have shortage in clean air, leading to serious diseases.

But you can take a break from these polluted places. Have a vacation on a suburban area for months. Even though it cannot beat the advancement of urban living, it’s fun and healthy. Witnessing majestic nature and other hidden gems will give you a memory you will always cherish.


  • No sense of community


Have you ever experienced living in the city for months? How was your experience? What did you realize about the people? Perhaps, you notice that urban settings are individualistic. Maybe, the sense of community is rare. Possibly, the majority of people are concentrated on their affairs. They do not pay attention to their neighbors and even friends.

  • Frenetic and chaotic

Life in the city is very frenetic and chaotic , sometimes there is no time to rest and not everyone can keep up. Whether at work or even at home, the stress levels you feel can negatively affect people’s health.

  • Traffic jams

It can be difficult to move from one place to another, as cities are characterized by high amounts of traffic. In addition to the time lost in a traffic jam, the physical wear is noted by the noise and emissions of the cars.


  • Quality of services

With so many inhabitants, some services may not be optimal for all citizens. In some colonies, they have problems due to lack of water and cuts, continuous light. Public transport does not always have the best conditions and those that operate it are not always the most suitable.


  • Violence

The advent of violence in depressed areas has increased due to unemployment in the vicinity of large cities.

These violent acts range from micro-trafficking and smuggling to human trafficking. This phenomenon happens with severity in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

At first, you may struggle living in a place without a sense of community. But as years pass by, you will be used to it. It’s a good training for you to become more independent and responsible. You will learn how to rely on yourself during a terrible situation.

So, what’s your thought? Whether you are planning to travel or settle in the city, prepare yourself. Let’s admit it. An urban lifestyle is difficult. You need to be strong and positive, especially when you’ll live on your own. When things get harder, go to shopping malls, dine in a restaurant, and explore the place to enjoy!

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