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Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Parent Family


Single-parent family is a unit where a parent lives with children without a partner. In this 21st century, there has been a rapid increase in the number of single-parent families. Some argue that family breakdown has a negative effects for kids, families, and society.

Others suggest that this type of family has been present in the society over the past few years. And it should not be viewed as deviant. As a matter of fact, this is an alternative form of a family. Regardless of how people view family diversity, the prevalence of families headed by single parents have a significant influence on the economic and social context of family life.

These days, it’s very common for kids to be in a single-parent family. Because of high divorce rate and delays in marriage, this unit has become popular. At first, people will believe that single-parent families only have a negative impact to children. But there are a lot of advantages. Below are some.

Advantages of a single parent family


  • Fewer arguments that lead to a stress-free environment


Typically, parents separate to avoid fighting in front of their kids. Having fewer arguments will make the environment less overwhelming. Single parents would feel more secure and experience peace of mind.



  • Good role modeling


For kids whose parents are in an unhealthy relationship, it may be much easier to understand that life can be managed without a spouse. Plus, there is no reason to be in a relationship for fear.



  • Teaches responsibility and independence


Since single parents have a hectic schedule, children will become more responsible. While their parents are not around, they will do the chore and other stuff themselves without the help from someone else. Cleaning the home, washing clothes, cooking their breakfast on a regular basis promote independence, improve confidence, boost self-worth, and establish a good work ethic.



  • The expectations are easier to understand


Parents have different expectations for their children. To avoid conflict, they have to discuss their expectations with each other. Both of them should agree with the rules that best suit their kids. When it comes to single-parent families, this does not happen most of the time. The expectations are clearer. There is no one to contradict their parenting style.



  • Proper discipline


Other people believe that discipline is easy with two adults. What they don’t know is that it is much easier with only one. For those who employ negative punishment to discipline their children, it leads to shame. As a single parent, make sure to use the best method to have loving, caring, dependable, and good kids.



  • There is no competition


Let’s admit it, moms and dads are sometimes in competition for their kid’s affection. However, if the other spouse is out of the family, a single parent does not have someone to compete with.  



  • Individual time


Despite your busy schedule at work, find a way to spend quality time with your children. Usually, parents who can’t attend to their kid’s wishes will just give them stuff. But they don’t know it is not what they need. Spending quality time with them matters the most. Although it’s a bit challenging, you can certainly do it.



  • Peaceful atmosphere


Many single parents left their families because of a never ending conflict. While other parenting styles may be stressful, the problems between moms and dads can be the most destructive. For single-parent families, a peaceful atmosphere is an advantage. Not only can you say bye to a burdensome relationship, but you can also free yourself from other worries.



  • Leeway where to spend your money
    Aside from a third party, money is another source of misunderstanding between parents. You cannot spend money easily without your partner’s consent. Before purchasing something, make sure to ask your spouse ahead of time. If you can’t handle your partner anymore and end up becoming a single parent, you would experience the independence you’ve been praying for. You can decide where to use your money.



  • Sense of Community
    Raising your kids without the help of your partner is difficult, especially when you don’t have a stable source of income. Just admit it you can’t handle all your rules alone. You need other’s help. Accept the fact that you need to rely on other people to help you care for all your children. Not only will your kids know organizations, they will also get acquainted to their peers and other families.


  • Close Feeling
    In single-parent families, children can totally learn a shared responsibility. They will become closer to their new family than people from a traditional environment.


  • Greater availability

When not living with a partner, the dedication of the father or mother to the child is total and absolute.

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Disadvantages of Single Parent Family

Aside from the advantages, single-parent families also have downsides. Take a look at the following:

  • Drastic decrease in Income
    It cannot be denied that time for kids is the most essential way of parenting. Failure to supervise your children will make them suffer. They may lose their interest towards their studies, bully their peers, and isolate themselves from other people. Before it’s too late, manage your time. Although you have to work hard to make a living, don’t forget to let your children experience the love, attention, and comfort from you.



  • Uncomfortable changes in schedule
    Recent divorce is very traumatic for partners and children. A broken family leads to various changes. While recovering from pain, children have to adjust to these things. Single parents will be much busier to fill various roles. As a result, everyone’s schedule is extremely affected.



At first, it’s hard to cope up. As time goes on, everyone in the family will feel a bit comfortable. But they will always feel incomplete. The moment they accept their situation, they would feel happier.



  • Poor academic performance


No matter how bad a relationship is, parents stay together for their children’s sake. But they cannot deal with their spouse, they decide to be separated although it’s hard and will affect their kids.


One of the impacts to children is scholastic struggles. Thinking how kids would face the other day without their parents is depressing. Instead of focusing on their studies, they would lose their eagerness towards their academics. They tend to be distracted in the class, affecting their performance. For a single parent, you have to double time. Seek a healthcare professional during a divorce or separation. This will help them accept the situation.



  • Sense of loss
    Children from a broken family may feel they have lost a teacher, or protector. Their loss could result in aggression and depression. Within a short span of time, their jolliness would fade away. Their interest towards everything would lessen. They tend to rebel, expose themselves to violence, abuse drugs, and use alcohols. We don’t know what other changes they may manifest. For single parents, comfort your children. Despite the hardships you have been experiencing, think of your kids. Perhaps, you would feel inspired to move on.




  • Negative feelings
    After losing someone very important, like moms or dads, children get upset about the situation. Because of their age, they won’t understand the situation. Sometimes, they would blame you for your relationship problems. Get ready for these things. When you make the decision to get separated from your partner, you should know the consequences. Let your kids understand that they do not lose someone. Explain to them that you will always be at their side.




  • Overworking
    Did you breakup with your spouse because of his or her irresponsibility? Have you been the only one to support your children? Then, it’s difficult to do that without help from others. You really have to double your time working for your kids’ schooling and other daily needs.


Nowadays, a single-parent family is not new. But for some, they have a negative perspective about this unit. Instead of comforting people from these families, others belittle them. Just understand the fact that they are in a bad situation. We need to help them to bring back their positivity towards life.  

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