Treat inflammation with proteolytic enzymes or systemic enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes are part of the so-called Systemic Enzyme Therapy . It is an activity that has been carried out for 50 years, being used in countries around the world. Enzymes are not, as everyone believes, exclusively digestive enzymes.


The term “systemic” means that it affects the entire body, so that systemic enzymes are those that work and are found throughout the body, from systems to organs. These are also known as biocatalysts, and for those who do not know what it means, we will say that they allow a biochemical work to be carried out in a quicker way than normal.

We could say that enzymes are the first defense wall that allows us to fight inflammation, that is, if we manage to keep ourselves in an optimal state of health, our enzymes will be able to prevent the generation of any inflammation. On the contrary of what many think, these are not anti-inflammatory drugs , but they do their job neutralizing any biochemical product with potential to cause tissue damage, that is, they act on the problem, they do not disguise it.

If inflammation is reduced, the heart (with cardiac enzymes) will make a quantum leap in terms of health status, while also preventing diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s . The healing process of bruises, sprains, bruises, arthritis, and sprains will also be increased.


But of course, now we will ask ourselves: “And what are anti-inflammatories for?” True, however, they present notable differences if we compare them with the characteristics of systemic enzymes, since the former will only provide temporary relief when the effect is removed. , we will suffer the problem again.

While with enzymes this will not happen, as its function will not be to reduce the problem, but to eliminate it by acting directly on the healing or the specific problem that is causing damage. By the way, they do not leave side effects, another really important advantage.

Here are some examples to give you an idea

In the medical journal ” Science, sports and medicine “, a study was published in which it was confirmed, by means of demonstrations, that proteolytic enzymes did have the capacity to provide therapeutic effects in those treatments related to inflammation and tissue injuries. soft.

The Institute of Cancer Research in Vienna also published a study in which he claimed that a combination between herbs and proteolytic enzymes were sufficient to be effective in treatments related to rheumatoid arthritis, even allowed to reduce the protein TGF-b, present in the blood when a patient suffers from cancer.

The medical journal ” Nutrition and Cancer ” published an article by Dr. L. González that compared the use of systemic enzyme therapy with a new drug that had been launched on the market and that claimed to treat cancer; the gemcitabine. In his experiment he determined that 5 out of 11 patients affected by this disease, lived 2 times more than the average if they underwent enzymatic therapy, while with gemcitabine, 1 out of 129 managed to live that period.

Seen the seen, with real results and conclusions obtained from professional studies, it can only be said that Systemic Enzyme Therapy based on proteolytic enzymes is really safe and effective, at least, much more than the drugs that we can find in any pharmacy.

But, proteolytic enzymes in addition to fighting pain and reducing inflammation …


Proteolytic enzymes break scar tissue and fibrosis. For those who do not know these terms, it could be said that fibrosis is that scar tissue that accumulates in the body as time goes by, and that if it is not eliminated, it could seriously disturb any organ, preventing it from functioning properly.

The systemic proteolytic enzymeseliminate excess fibrin that can cause so many problems in our body. Asian and European doctors have used these techniques with enzymes for more than 50 years , getting rid of scar tissue from surgical wounds and allowing treatment of renal and pulmonary fibrosis, among others.

In addition, proteolytic enzymes make it possible to cleanse the blood . The enzymes clean excess fibrin that can accumulate in the blood, thus preventing it from thickening and causing clots. And we already know the risk of these, capable of causing strokes and heart attacks. All this will also allow our liver to optimize its functioning.

VERY IMPORTANT: The advantages of Systemic Enzymatic Therapy are innumerable, but if you are a hemophilic person, it is highly recommended that before taking any decision or action, consult your doctor beforehand.

The proteolytic or systemic enzymes help to keep the immune system in good condition . Enzymes, in addition to everything mentioned above, also always seek to provide the maximum balance of the body, so if our defenses are low and we are at risk of infection, they will also work to cleanse the blood and prevent it.

Red blood cells. Fibrin can affect these remaining stuck, so if there is an adequate number of systemic enzymes working in the area, this will not happen and the bloodstream will remain in perfect condition.

Fight against viruses. Another advantage and characteristics of these enzymes is that they are responsible for finding and eliminating all kinds of viruses that are linked to proteins. Against viral diseases are a great tool.

We speak of one of the most powerful natural remedies that exist today in nature, few elements are equal to the advantages and functions that these proteolytic enzymes provide us.


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