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150 examples of Metaphors


Metaphor is a rhetorical figure in which a relation of similarity between 2 terms and some characteristic or quality that exists between both is established, it is as when we speak in two senses. In the metaphor we make poetic reference to that characteristic that we want to highlight and we say the same but in a more beautiful way.

The  metaphor  can be defined as a comparison between two terms that apparently have no relationship at all . The terms of the metaphor are different, they are in different planes and the second is the one that comes to explain the tenor of the comparison. This one has a different context and that diversity is what forms this literary figure, which writers use a lot in their poems and novels.

HeThe term “metaphor” comes from the Greek vocabulary and means “beyond” . It seems that the terms of the metaphor have no relationship, but it is very important to understand the relationship.

In the metaphor we give the object the qualities of the person or vice versa, usually directly or indirectly bear the verb to be and consists of three parts: the tenor, which is the object of which we speak, the vehicle, which is the object we use to describe to the tenor, and the foundation, which explains the similarity. There is an explicit metaphor when we include the tenor and the vehicle; if we only talk about the vehicle, then we have an implicit metaphor.

Examples of simple metaphors:

  • Your eyes are two stars (it means that you have bright or illuminated eyes)
  • Your golden hair (blonde hair)

150 examples of metaphors:

1. Soul of steel, crystal heart
2. Kisses sorcerers, conquered me with only a sip of you
3. White pearls, smiling rubies
4. White cotton clouds the sky to tears.
5. Each word forges a new destiny
6. Each tune of its music makes me fly to the most pleasant past of my childhood.
7. Every time he sings he is crying without crying
8. He walks through the clouds
9. Angel face, devil’s heart
10. Caresses in my ear, that’s Mozart
11. How water falls from heaven, is the payment that each month delivery
12. How to suffer with my crystal heart and my steel soul.
13. With my blood I write the difficult part of my life.
14. With his speech he gives me a few drops of nostalgia that fall very pleasant after a long time.
15. With their resolution they represent the future of the whole society.
16. Heart of cotton candy.
17. Heart of silk.
18. Crystal heart, you broke it with your haughtiness.
19. Heart of stone, soul of steel.
20. When he is with her, his lamb soul becomes a wolf.
21. When I looked at her, my cruel intention turned into a gentle lamb.
22. When toja becomes a god and stops being a fool.
23. Ravens roaming an inheritance, that’s their family
24. Dance my heart to see you and cry when you leave.
25. You give life to my wounded heart.
26. Of chiras pelas, that is my relationship with God and a cloud covers our final meeting.
27. You spilled the blood ink of my heart, the liquor has more reason to be for you.
28. After a long time, they gave the project a green light.
29. Don Julio is a four eyes, but when he reads he does it very well, he does not notice the blind mole.
30. Hard shell that protects your fragile heart.
31. Throwing him fang solve the problem.
32. The guy is two faces, hit the soul when you turn your back.
33. Money is the key to many doors.
34. The pain of his soul resonates on the ground before he weeps over the city.
35. The ghost of that man’s past comes out when there are problems.
36. The edge of his gaze cuts everything that passes in front of her.
37. The focus of the street lights my heart when you go with me.
38. The gentle ogre, the teacher.
39. The madman and the sneak always lose, never betray.
40. The beggar in the neighborhood is a king singing.
41. Resentment is one step, the light of reason is the other.
42. He is killing himself to raise the money.
43. He grabs them on the fly and knows them all.
44. Time is a window that someone forgot to close.
45. Work forges the character, fear doubles it.
46. ??She fell from a cloud to feel the hardness of my life.
47. She is a goddess on earth and I am a simple nomo.
48. She is brushing her great hair, as lakes as a golden river.
49. She speaks up by the elbows without stopping to breathe.

50. She has crocodile tears, because first she kisses me and then she leaves me and cries.
51. It’s a rabid squirrel.
52. He is an evil angel, who roams the wounded souls.
53. His heart is a desert.
54. It’s a delicacy to listen to you.
55. It’s a gentle sun.
56. He is a very clever fox when he works in court.
57. Help is a sun of hope.
58. It is a flower your heart.
59. Digging in my mind always jumps your memory.
60. Loving in his heart appeared love.
61. That is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
62. That has a lot of fang solving puzzles.
63. It is hanging from the phone, the parakeet will not stop in a long time.
64. I am chained to you without knowing it, neither you nor me.
65. I’m fresh, a lettuce is on my forehead and it feels good.
66. Star, guide my wrong way, guide me to the light of reason.
67. Flower that adorns my arid heart.
68. Forged with hard work, it is my destiny.
69. Fragile crystal that breaks with a light touch … So fragile is that break in tears.
70. Strong look, hide a fragile soul without anyone can see it.
71. Steel throat.
72. You speak touching souls and turning errors.
73. They have taken decisions that will cement the reality of the population.
74. You have had my heart with steel clamps.
75. You have to get the most out of life and work.
76. Do something useful and leave the idiot box at once ..
77. The city cries when you treat me badly.
78. The construction of life is made with education and common sense.
79. The mask of his soul has fallen.
80. The cloud of happiness is transient if we want it.
81. The beach is a canvas where our love was painted.
82. The storm of your passion seems to have no end.
83. The cotton candy clouds cry when they do not look at them.
84. Spilled lava, that’s the way it will go.
85. He throws the kilos at life but owes a lot to love.
86. To read is to enter another dimension, to grow and change with the light of the soul.
87. Nice sun, that’s his attitude with me.
88. You’ve fallen from the sky.
89. The foundations of his attitude mark the timeline.
90. The books are the door to a different future ..
91. The stars you have do not let me see your soul,
92. Dim light that illuminates the dreams that I have at night.
93. Sailor with steel cuffs and sincere heart.
94. I feel like I’m flying on the road.
95. My rock heart can love better than you.
96. My heart is a clock that needs to be repaired.
97. My testament written in my heart with living blood is a testimony of my existence.
98. My feet are ice pops.
99. There are no Moors on the coast
100. It looks like a genius but the shadow of the bust led him astray.
101. Own the key of my heart, please do not lose it, it is my greatest treasure.
102. You can smell all the problems effortlessly.
103. Steel cuffs and child’s soul.
104. He married the broom with Ernestina’s skirt.
105. If the conflicts become more acute, the drums of war resound in his wounded spirit.
106. They are poorly managed stars, so also happens with love.
107. Those that sound when she sings are tonadas of misery.
108. I’m a lost toy if you’re not there.
109. His soul is clear milk.
110. His hair is crude oil.
111. His charisma is the key to many doors.
112. Your car flies on the highway.
113. His experience makes him an ace when he plays
114. His imagination crosses the frontiers of reason.
115. His fear makes him live inside a shell.
116. His music brings my memories back to the past.
117. His face became a river when he saw it when he saw it break into the shadows of reality.
118. His work is a chain that costs a lot to carry.
119. His sadness disappeared with the fog.
120. His voice illuminates the theater and does not leave a single corner unstained.
121. His hugs are blows and daily joy.
122. His pure silver hair adorns his head.
123. His teeth are pearl.
124. His hands are branches of ahuehuete.
125. Its waves rock my memories, that happens whenever I’m nostalgic.
126. His ears are parabolic antennae captures everything they say.
127. Its legs shine with metal shine.
128. So cunning is he, for he lives on the edge of the knife and does not break into tears.
129. As beautiful as her soul and her innocence.
130. The world trembles at the sight of it.
131. He has his ivory smile.
132. He took and cut his heart into pieces.
133. Torture your heart with your memory.
134. Your look is a melody of peace ..
135. You dye my soul with the light of your patience.
136. Your kisses destroy all quarrels and encourage the best of me.
137. Your hair is golden.
138. Your lips are perfumed petals.
139. Your eyes are diamonds.
140. A swan dances with its soul next to it.
141. A fragile crystal, which breaks with a slight touch, that’s your passion.
142. A precision watch is your heart.
143. A wounded tiger, that’s his spirit today.
144. A large orange hides each afternoon behind the hill.
145. A responsibility is a chain, you do not know how to carry it weighs a lot.
146. They used the flag machetes.
147. Live flying over the law.
148. They live touching souls.
149. Fly through life doing good.
150. I am already in the red sunset, in the sad sunset, the light of my life darkens.

Many things can be inferred from these examples of metaphors, it depends on who receives them. They are to stimulate the imagination of one who reads or hears a poem, for example. They are a different way of saying things, in a more pleasant way and with a special touch for those who receive them.



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