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Examples of open and closed questions

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Questions are classified or grouped in a general way as open or closed depending on the type of response sought. The closed  and open concepts refer to how specific and objective or how general and subjective the response to a specific question will be. The use of one or another type of question depends on the communicative objectives that are sought to reach.

Characteristics of open questions:

Open questions are those in which a person interrogates one or more people and seeks to have a more free response, with a greater margin of response and without limitations on what to answer.

In open-ended questions, the respondent can give an answer that includes their opinion, their way of thinking, their ideas, their emotions, experiences, expectations, or other aspects of a subjective nature .

The extension of the answers to the open questions can be long, since a specific or determined response is not requested, but a greater freedom is given and the interrogated person can go into detail or expand as necessary.

Some uses of open questions are:

  • In journalistic interviews, to know the opinion, the point of view or way of feeling of the person being interviewed; so that it can be extended in its response and so that the interview is more enriching.
  • In job interviews, when looking for more extensive or detailed information of the interviewee.
  • In different types of evaluations. In which one seeks to qualify or determine the capacity for analysis and reflection.
  • In service surveys, to know the detailed opinion of customers or consumers.


Characteristics of closed questions:

They are known as closed questions to those in which a person asks a question to one or more individuals in order that their response is as specific as possible . The margin of response is limited, since the question is formulated to obtain a particular data , certain information, such as dates, names, affirmations or negations, motives, numbers, etc.

The answers sought are specific, therefore objective . There is no room for the questioner to give opinions or to go into detail about what is being asked.

Some uses of closed questions are the following:

  • In school or academic assessments, to determine if an individual knows specific data, such as dates, names, places, etc.
  • In surveys or interrogations that seek to collect general data of an individual. For example, your age, your nationality, the conditions in which you live, etc.
  • In job interviews, to collect specific data that can be used for the evaluation of the candidate for the vacancy. For example, your previous jobs, your experience, etc.


70 Examples of open questions:

  1. How do you think the economic crisis influences your daily life?
  2. What are the things you value most in your life and for what reasons?
  3. What do you think of the services we provide?
  4. How would you describe yourself to other people?
  5. What is your opinion regarding the current policy status of your country?
  6. How would you describe the relationship you have with your parents?
  7. What is the process by which the French Revolution occurs?
  8. What do you think of abortion?
  9. For you what is love?
  10. For you what it means to be patriotic?
  11. How will you solve your family conflicts?
  12. Why did you choose your university career?
  13. What do you think of global warming?
  14. What has been the psychological process that you have been carrying?
  15. What opinion do you have regarding the poverty that is lived?
  16. What do you do when you have to make an important decision?
  17. What were the most relevant events of the last century and why?
  18. How would you define a bad person and a good person?
  19. Why would you be interested in being part of our team?
  20. How would you describe the cultural landscape that exists today?
  21. How did you get the idea for this project?
  22. What are you passionate about in life and why?
  23. Could you explain the most relevant aspects of your professional training?
  24. What do you like the most and the least about yourself?
  25. What were the causes for which the First World War began?
  26. How would you describe your love situation?
  27. What is your opinion regarding this literary work?
  28. How did you come up with the idea of ??this movie?
  29. Define what is true friendship for you?
  30. What do you consider irresponsibility?
  31. How did you meet your partner?
  32. What is ethics for you?
  33. What are your greatest skills and why?
  34. Why do not you get along with your boss?
  35. What do you like most and what do you dislike most about a person?
  36. What has been the greatest achievement of your life and why?
  37. What do you think of animal exploitation?
  38. Could you explain what chemistry is and what is its importance in today’s world?
  39. How would you give solution to overpopulation?
  40. What do you think about the animal products consumption industry?
  41. How do you think we can improve the products we offer?
  42. Do you think there is insecurity in the country and why?
  43. How would you evaluate the quality of your telephone service?
  44. Are you satisfied with your current bank and why?
  45. Which book has marked your life and why?
  46. What is the most urgent thing for you that needs improvement in your community?
  47. Why did you choose that job among the others?
  48. Why do you think family education is important?
  49. What strategies can be applied to solve this problem?
  50. What is your opinion regarding euthanasia?
  51. What do you think is the key to a good relationship?
  52. Why did you decide to become a vegetarian?
  53. What do you think of the marches and demonstrations?
  54. What are the priorities in your life and why?
  55. How would you define the concept of friendship ?
  56. What is your point of view about homosexual relationships?
  57. How would you help humanity?
  58. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  59. Why do you like traveling so much?
  60. What do you feel when you listen to that song?
  61. What is your favorite musical group and why do you consider it good?
  62. What do you think of foreign investment in your country?
  63. How do you think the internet helps or hinders the current education?
  64. What do you think about the appearance of this logo?
  65. What symbolisms did you find in the poem?
  66. What does this painting tell you or what makes you feel?
  67. What is infatuation for you?
  68. Why do you think the author gave this title to his novel?
  69. What do you think of marijuana use?
  70. What is your point of view regarding the conquest of America?

70 Examples of closed questions

  1. Do you recognize the people that appear in this photograph?
  2. I like theater?
  3. In what year were you born?
  4. Have you already taken your medications?
  5. What is your full name?
  6. Do you have pets in your home?
  7. Do you consider yourself a reliable person?
  8. How many people live in your home?
  9. Have you used drugs?
  10. Do you like the changes?
  11. Where are you from?
  12. What were the main contributions of Charles Darwin?
  13. At what age did you write your first book?
  14. What countries were involved in the Second World War?
  15. Have you been to an outdoor concert?
  16. What was the name of your first love?
  17. Who is the current president?
  18. Need help?
  19. Have you reached the age of majority?
  20. To whom is the theory of relativity attributed?
  21. Are you a smoker?
  22. In what year was the discovery of America?
  23. From what year to what year does the Cold War occur?
  24. Are you single or married?
  25. Have children?
  26. How often do you eat outside your home?
  27. What is your zodiac sign?
  28. If you could travel to a country this year, what would it be?
  29. Do you practice any sport or physical exercise?
  30. To what degree of schooling did your parents study?
  31. When do you want to schedule the appointment?
  32. Have you donated blood before?
  33. Approximately in what period is the Stone Age?
  34. Who formulated the law of universal gravitation?
  35. Have you participated in any congress or colloquium?
  36. What religion do you practice?
  37. In what sizes do you have this garment?
  38. What style of clothing is your favorite?
  39. At what temperature does the water boil?
  40. What is your favorite drink?
  41. With whom you live?
  42. What time do you have during the week?
  43. What is your marital status?
  44. To what degree of schooling have you studied?
  45. Are you looking for a job?
  46. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  47. Do you know how to speak English?
  48. How much do you spend monthly on clothing and entertainment?
  49. Is this the final price?
  50. What is your favorite musical group?
  51. Would you have a coffee with me?
  52. What is your blood type?
  53. What city you live?
  54. Have you previously been a beneficiary with a government grant?
  55. How much is this product?
  56. Are you upset by the situation?
  57. Do you want milk or sugar for your coffee?
  58. What is the average of your monthly income?
  59. At what age did you learn to drive?
  60. Do you consider me your friend?
  61. How many employees work in this company?
  62. What time do you usually get up to go to work?
  63. What day do you have free to leave?
  64. What does the word addiction mean ?
  65. How many times a year do you go on a trip?
  66. Do you profess any religion?
  67. How many languages ??do you speak?
  68. In what country were you born?
  69. Do you know South America?
  70. How much will you invest in your new business?

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