Hair transplant advantages and disadvantages

If you are contemplating the option of having a hair implant, you must first know everything it entails and from that, make a decision; Currently there are more cases of alopecia and hair loss in men and women , the hair implant turns out to be an option to remedy this evil, in this article we will help you to know if it is the best option.

Hair implants are popular since the 1960s in the United States and are performed under local anesthesia.

The steps to follow in a surgery of this type are: first, the surgeon cleans the scalp very well with which one works so as not to cause complications or a malfunction of the implant, then the anesthesia is injected and when this is already effective a part of the scalp on the back of the head, approximately 3 to 4 inches in size, is extracted with a scalpel.

After removing the part of the scalp that was used, the surgeon will proceed to close the wound that has been left behind and hide it with the rest of the hair, if possible.

The surgeon will separate from the strip of scalp an approximate of between 500 to 2,000 small pieces of scalp that will serve as grafts, of those grafts some will have a single hair or several hairs in each small part, but regardless of the amount of hair that each mini graft has will serve in the same way.

The amount of mini grafts to be separated will depend on the amount of approximate grafts that the patient needs,the strength of their hair type, their color and their type of hair, whether it is straight or straight.

When the grafts are already prepared, the area to be treated is cleaned and anesthesia is placed in the area where the hair implants will be made.

Depending on the surgeon, small holes will be made with a needle or with the thinnest part of a scalpel, and then put the small grafts inside those holes.

Advantages of  hair implant

  • While this is a surgery that leaves you with a headache it is highly effective in most cases and the best thing is that the patient is the same donor.
  • No scars in the area.Unlike other treatments for baldness, the FUE technique leaves no scars in the area where the follicular units have been embedded. This allows an aesthetic and natural finish, which is beneficial for those who have very short hair and can not hide the scars.
  • The process is relatively quick and is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The recovery after the procedure is fast, and after proper care this is not so annoying (depending on the technique used). After the hair transplant FUE, the scalp must adapt to the implants, so that it goes through a period of healing. With this technique, this process will be much shorter.
  • Long-term care is not necessary , since the transplanted hair usually has a permanent effect.
  • All people in good health can be candidates for a hair graft, except what the dermatologist points out.
  • The results can be very good and the use of wigs, toupee is avoided.
  • Does not need rest time FUE transplant .Once the FUE transplant has been carried out, you can resume your daily activities without any problems, because the treatment does not require rest time. So you can exercise or any other task that you do every day.
  • Ideal for people at higher risk of scarring .People who are at greater risk of poor scarring, or the creation of scars in general, may be inclined by this technique of hair treatment, due to its properties and components, which prevent the formation of marks on the scalp. This characteristic is more common in young, athletic or muscular patients, and in people with very tense or flexible scalp.
  • Suitable for narrow scalps. Some scalps are very narrow and do not allow the application of other types of treatments. In this sense, the FUE technique is an ideal option for these cases.
  • Thinner hair at the nape of the neck.The FUE hair transplant has been designed to promote the growth of thinner hair at the nape of the neck, with the aim of obtaining a more natural look in terms of hair growth.
  • Growth of hair follicles.This treatment not only contributes to hair growth in the hair area, but also stimulates the presence of hair in other parts of the body

Disadvantages of  hair implant

As any intervention, however simple it may seem, may have side effects or risks, you know the disadvantages of hair grafting:

    • Although the procedure combats baldness, and improves the appearance, it will probably require several sessions of micro-hair grafts to see lasting results.
    • There is a risk of infection.
    • People with very fine and diffuse hair are not good candidates .
    • Hair grafting can only be an effective treatment for people with well-located areas of baldness, since otherwise the operation will not be of much use to them.
    • There may be swelling and bleeding on the scalp
    • Visible long-term scarring. One of the risks of this type of treatment is that scars can be visible in the long term. Regardless of whether the graft is done with the FUE technique or another, people can develop a mechanism resistant to the adaptation of the follicle transplanted to the scalp, which causes a scar. So if the number of transplanted follicles is very high, scars in the form of small dots will be visible.


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