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Red or green apples? Myths and truths

We have heard many myths about how it is better to eat green apples than red apples or vice versa. So, being this fruit so important for our body, in this article we will learn the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and properties that each one has. 

Actually there are not many differences (regardless of color) that can be observed in some and others. It is true that its nutritional composition is somewhat different, because: red apples have more sugar than green apples, red apples are more suitable for the protection of the skin and the composition of green apples is more oriented to diabetes problems .

Both the red apple and the green apple have a low calorie content. Eating an apple every day, of any kind, is recommended for good health, but the two apples serve to carry out weight loss methods.

Why? Because they do not have fat. They contain fiber and carbohydrates, so they facilitate digestion. In addition, they have an important protein content and above all a high content of Vitamin C. Eating apples hydrates us, since it involves a high water content, around 80%.

The apple is diuretic and reduces blood pressure because of its high potassium content. Generally, it is not a fruit that stands out for its vitamins, but it has vitamin E, a strong antioxidant. Of course it has soluble and insoluble fiber. If we eat raw and with skin helps prevent constipation. If we have diarrhea we can improve eating it roasted or in compote.

The skin of the apple has pectin, a type of fiber that protects our intestinal mucosa, so that well washed we can consume the skin to take advantage of its protective benefits of our digestive tract. Pectin has a possible protective role against certain types of cancer such as colon cancer.

Thanks to quercetin, another phytochemical that has, the apple helps prevent cardiovascular problems, asthma and other inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

It has acids such as malic or tartaric that help to digest fat if we eat it for dessert, after an unbalanced meal, in addition, to make glucose rise slowly in blood (preventing diabetes) thanks to its soluble fiber.

Apples are foods rich in antioxidants, but not all varieties are the same, being the red apple the highest antioxidant capacity, since it has more than 20,000 ORAC (unit that measures the uptake of free radicals, molecules that oxidize and age us) .

Advantages and disadvantages of green apples:

 Green apples are one of the best protectors of DNA against the sun, taking care of possible diseases such as melanoma. It is important to prevent and cure skin infections. Reduces and protects against colon cancer.

Disadvantages: The green apple can cause heartburn. Consult your doctor in case of colon pathologies. The massive intake of green apples accentuates the chemical imbalance of our organism.

The controlled consumption of green apple helps the gallstones (the excess can be harmful), to the oral hygiene, because the apples help us to eliminate remains of food from the teeth when we do not have a brush, dental floss, etc. It is also beneficial for dental composition.

Green apples are widely used in the diet to lower body fat. They are rich in fiber, but if we suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or similar diseases, we should consult your doctor about the consumption. It has no cholesterol and are rich in vitamins E, C, B and A. They are antioxidants, purify and cleanse the blood.

Green apples are better for the diet than red apples. They help regulate sugar levels, which makes them perfect for diabetic feeding.

Advantages and disadvantages of red apples:

Disadvantages: They contain more sugar than green apples. They have a minor power as an antioxidant with respect to green apples.

Advantages: Consuming it brings benefits against cancer. They have anthocyanins in their shell, which helps the skin against aging. Cleans the intestines, purifies the blood and liver. They are soothing and make sleep easier. They also help to control nerves. They are good disinfectants of the mouth and, their juice is perfect as a remedy for fever. Its high iron content makes it a favorite for asthma or tuberculosis, as well as for colds, throat problems or bronchitis.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” says the saying and also helps strengthen bones, muscles and ligaments; They are an important producer of collagen.

Note: The apples do not peel! The ‘disadvantages’ presented by apples are not significant, we only have to take them into account if we suffer from a chronic illness. The apples are a treasure !!


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