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The advantages of using a pregnancy calculator?

A pregnancy calculator is a very useful tool that will allow you to find out, with a simple step, how many weeks you are pregnant. You only have to indicate the date of your last menstruation, the average duration of your cycle and press “Calculate”.


It is evident that a pregnancy entails many changes and that each affects each woman differently. For this reason, to be able to check, week by week, how your baby grows in your belly, as well as the most common weekly symptoms, will take you to face this unforgettable stage in a more pleasant way and a pregnancy calculator will help you manage the process more easily.

If you are pregnant , you should know that the weeks of your pregnancy are given by the start date of the last menstrual period , which is known as “gestational or menstrual age” . Therefore, it is necessary that you have this information in mind before using a pregnancy calculator.

What are the advantages of using a weekly pregnancy calculator?

All the information related to your pregnancy is vital for your peace of mind. This is the most important advantage that can be provided by the use of a weekly pregnancy calculator. In addition to indicating the week of concrete gestation in which you are , the calculator will also provide you with a date, always approximately, in which you will give birth .

It also includes detailed information on the changes that your body will experience during this period and specific data on the development of your baby a highly recommended  pregnancy calculator is   .

With this method, you can follow the evolution of your gestation in a timely manner. For example, find out how much the fetus measures and weighs, how much weight the pregnant woman usually increases according to the time of pregnancy, what are the typical symptoms of each stage, what tests correspond to you according to each period, when you should perform the necessary ultrasound, etc. .

Like any other method that is not exact, the week-of-pregnancy calculator is simply an aid and guidance. It is necessary that, if you are pregnant and you want to make sure one hundred percent of how many exact weeks you are, you go directly to your doctor , since he will be the best professional to advise you on everything you need to take into account in your pregnancy process.


Most common symptoms of pregnant women

During the first weeks, your body will begin to undergo some important changes , that is, it is very likely that you have noticed the typical symptoms of pregnancy : nausea, desire to urinate or vomiting, in others. However, each person is a world and there are women who do not perceive these obvious signs and only discover it by the delay of their menstruation.

Believe it or not, there are other hormonal symptoms much less obvious that can also affect a part of women, although they are much more strange to observe, such as hair growth in different areas of the body (lips, chin, chest … ), change in size of different parts of your complexion (feet, breasts, hands …), constant mucus, acidity in the stomach or increased vaginal discharge.

If you suspect that you may be pregnant and you notice most of these symptoms in your body, it is quite likely that you are. Even so, the most reliable thing is to go to your gynecologist and, if this professional confirms it, you should consult him on which exact weeks you are.

Methods and tools such as the pregnancy calculator can be of great help in the beginning, however, you can not substitute a medical diagnosis for an approximate system .


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