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Top 3 Reasons to Grow A Beard in 2019 Especially #3

Beards are becoming more and trendier. There are a large variety of styles to choose from, each providing a certain kind of flair to the person wearing it [see infographic below for all 42 beard styles. However, did you know that beards are more than just fashion statements? Did you know that growing a beard can actually help to save your life? It may seem a bit outlandish to think that a beard can function as more than just a stylistic statement. Even so, beards save lives. Just in case you’re still on the fence about letting your wild whiskers whisp in the wind, here are 3 reasons to grow a beard this year.

#1 – Sex Appeal

Study after study is showing that when a man lets his beard grow, he increases his attraction factor. This happens for a few reasons.


First, something about growing a beard typically allows a man to exude a certain kind of confidence. It is this confidence that commands his posture, countenance, and tone of voice. A posture that allows a man to stand up straight with his shoulders back is one of the subconscious signals of a confident and strong man worthy of attraction from potential mates. If you’re looking for a boost in your sex appeal, this is a big one.


Second, a beard looks distinguished. There is something about a well-kept beard that gives people a sense of maturity. Maturity plays a large role in attraction. This could be due to a few factors like the ability to provide key resources needed to build a family, ability to be emotionally available, and the ability to command respect from the community.


Finally, a well-kept beard suggests good genetics. When a man can grow a full beard, it shows that he has a healthy genetic makeup. There are a few reasons guys can’t grow beards, and genetics is one of them. More often, in the western world, guys can’t grow beards due to chemical exposures (like fluoride, chlorine, and petrochemicals) that cause hormonal disruptions. These hormonal disruptions can lead to patchy or non-existent hair growth on the face. And so, when a potential partner eyes you up from across the room and sees a healthy beard, it signals that you are a strong and healthy man capable of seeding a great family lineage.

#2 A Sign of Independence

For many generations, beards have been a taboo in the corporate world. If you look in a boardroom full of your executive committee, there is a very high chance they are all clean shaven (especially the older they are). It’s hard to know exactly why this culture of naked faces came to be, but here it is nonetheless. This culture has been changing over the years, however, and those that sport a great beard are seen as more independent.


If you are an entrepreneur, being on top of your game is important. Sometimes first impressions are what make or break relationships right from the get-go. To increase the potential of making a great impression, most guys have to practice being great communicators, negotiators, and decision makers. One of the most mysterious things about a beard is that it makes a man look more capable of accomplishing these things. If you’re a bearded entrepreneur, you have an advantage over your follically challenged competitors. You look more capable, independent, and rogue. All signs of a competent risk-taker that can drive a successful business, family, and persona.

#3 Beards Are Better For Your Health

Beards prevent cancer, keep the skin younger, keep bacterial infections at bay, and keep your lungs, teeth, and gums in better condition. This has to do with a few factors, most notably the filtration factor. Beards and mustaches filter out all kinds of debris, particles, and airborne pathogens that would otherwise get into your mouth and nose. They also filter out up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays, thus helping to prevent skin cancer due to sun exposure.


The 42 Beard Styles Every Man Should Know About

So, here you are. If you’re still seriously considering growing a beard this year, here is your definitive guide to all 42 beard styles around. Have fun with these and find the one you like the most!

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