Active or passive subwoofer Which is better?

When buying a home cinema, we must pay attention to many things and the subwoofer is one of them, for being the speaker that will fill our music and movies with bass.

When we acquire a home cinema or an A / V receiver , they can come with a passive or active subwoofer.

This means that if the device is active, it has its own power and if it is passive, it is powered or amplified by the player or receiver to which it is connected.

If you buy a home cinema with a player, it probably comes with a passive subwoofer, since they are the ones that usually carry.

But if you buy an A / V receiver, you can find them in the 2 modes and there if you have to choose what is best for you. Those who usually carry it active have a higher price.

If you opt for an active subwoofer, you will have many advantages and I will explain them to you:

First, the power and control of the device is independent of the one connected.

It carries its own amplifier inside the box and does not depend on the external one. This way we can control the power, the volume and according to the subwoofer, other parameters that help us improve the quality.

Some usually carry an amplified output for other speakers. This is useful if we want to take advantage of a pair of speakers that we have out there, since we connect them and we do not need another amplifier.

It helps you to be able to take it around when you set up a little party or whatever you can think of.

Another advantage is that we can put it to other devices.

There are micro chains, music chains, stereo equipment, computers and many other devices that carry a pre-output with which you can connect a subwoofer and take advantage of it.

For my pleasure, connecting a bass box to a stereo system greatly improves the bass, since it fills frequencies that normal speakers can not reproduce. I love that stuffing.

In short, we will spend more for the team to have an amplified or active subwoofer, but in the long run, we can get much more out of it than the passive, which only works if there is a device that amplifies it.

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