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Best Gold chain designs for men and women

Chains are one of the most beautiful accessories to enhance the beauty of a person’s neck. They change the appearance of a person and make them look more attractive. Chains are basically used to wear in the neck but are also used as jewellery to wear in wrists and ankles. Chains are used with decorative pendants or charms which make them more alluring.

They are made of gold, silver in a number of designs due to the huge demand of them all over the world. Like gold bangle designs catalogue, gold chains designs catalogues are also available in huge variety of designs.  Some of the latest gold chain designs are given as follow:

    •  Simplest one for men and women: These are best suitable designs for men and women. Their simplicity in designs makes them more demanding and the best accessory to wear on different occasions.
    • Gold chains with diamonds: They are best suitable for marriage and high-class functions. The shine and cuts of diamond with alluring make it the most attractive. They are expensive but enhance the overall personality of a person with its everlasting shine and beauty.
  •   Combination of gold and silver chains:

After gold, the most famous element used for jewellery is silver for the finishing and its great appearance. Combination of gold and silver makes you look classic. Their designs may be thick or thin according to your choices. They are great options for daily use and wear.

    • ?Personalising gold chains: Who doesn’t want a design that is a single piece made for only them? These personalised chains are used with name pendants, words, dates, quotes etc. they are in trend and are available in many designs.
    • ? Small gold chains with beautiful pearls: Pearls are a beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery. They symbolise class and status. Gold chains with a combination of beautiful pearls in different colours like white, pink, yellow looks fabulous and classy. They go best with any dress whether its Indian, western, ethnic, party wear or occasional. They are the classiest piece of jewellery.
    • ?         thick and heavy gold chain designs: They are thick pieces of chains also called rapper or gangster chains. They are a single piece of thick chains or set of many chains wore together. They look best with black and loose outfits.
    • ?         Gold chains with evil eye designs: Evil eyes are in great demand as it is though good for a person. So what’s bad in wearing it with your regular gold chain as it will not only look attractive but will also bring positive vibes to a person.
    • ?         Feathery gold chains: These are some of the new designs in chain material. Wings signify freedom and flying high which looks fantastic on women with their casual dresses.
  • ?         Snakes designed gold chains: These are best-suited gold chains for men. They are made of pure gold with great investment purpose also. They look best for both daily and functional use.

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