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Can german shepherds eat carrots

Questions: I was once was asked in an email if German Shepherds can eat carrots.

Answer: I had a German shepherd a few years ago who I gave some carrot essence pills. The breeder recommended them so that my German shepherd becomes redder since it was very clear.
They were bought at the pharmacy and are for people, but they can be given to dogs. I do not remember the name but if you ask at the pharmacy for carrot pills they give them the same. It does not matter the brand.
My dog did well and his coat turned red .

It’s a fact: dogs can eat carrots and they do enjoy carrots. For its sweet taste and its consistency, it is a food usually well received by your hairy friend ; However, it is important that you not only consider the benefits that the carrot can bring to your dog, but also the unwanted effects

The benefits of your dog eating carrot

Carrots contain vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, and B6. They are not only good for the eyes but for the general welfare of your dog, including the strengthening of the immune system. They also help keep teeth strong and healthy.


Carrots offer several benefits for the health of your pet, among which include the improvement of the skin , coat and greater vitality; in addition, digestion, because they stimulate the evacuation of feces.

The beta-carotene present in the carrot helps improve the eyesight of your dog (particularly at night) and acts as an antioxidant, preventing diseases and infections. Being a precursor of vitamin A, beta-carotene also contributes to bone development, reproductive health and cancer prevention.


Side effects of carrots in your German Shepherds

However, large amounts of carrots can be counterproductive to your GSD . After all, excesses are always bad. Carrots are only contraindicated in pets with diabetes ; in this case, sugar and carbohydrates should be restricted from the diet.

Some dogs do not digest the carrots correctly. If your dog likes them and digests them properly it is good that you continue to offer this vegetable, but otherwise, it is better to think of other complementary feeding alternatives.


One of the problems with carrots is that dogs do not fully absorb their nutrients. Carrots are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein, and since dogs are designed to digest proteins and bones, their gut can not process carbohydrates well . Therefore, when you feed your German Shepherd with carrots, you find pieces of these undigested in their excreta. Even if you offer an excess of this vegetable, you will be promoting intestinal inflammation and, occasionally, diarrhea.

Another problem that many veterinarians note about feeding your hairy friend with carrots is their high sugar content. This can be particularly harmful if you have a diabetic German Shepherd.


The benefits of vitamin A are indisputable, but when there is an excess in the diet, there can be serious bone problems and muscle weakness. You should not offer your pet carrot every day and in large quantities. In the variety is the pleasure, alternate the carrot with other options of prizes and treats.

Dogs that consume carrots usually tend to develop a yellowish or orange skin. Even dogs with reddish or brown hair may have darker shades as a result of the beta-carotene effect of carrots.


How to feed your German Shepherd carrots

  1. Both raw and cooked, they are apt to be eaten by the hairy.
  2. Frozen carrots can serve as chew toys. If you are going to opt for the frozen version, we recommend buying the big carrots and not the baby carrots. Do not forget to wash them completely before freezing them.
  3. Do not add condiments, salt or much less sugar.
  4. Cut the large carrots into pieces (this will prevent obstructions and promote digestion). The carrots baby fresh (not frozen) is a convenient and easy option for them as a snack or reward.
  5. The carrot striped over the concentrate is also an attractive option for your dog.

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