Can German Shepherds eat egg

Eggs for German Shepherds is a yes  ,but you need to know  all the pros and cons . Do you know that dogs can eat eggs?  Some people believe that they should not , but this is just a myth based on a study of that found bacteria in egg which we will explain later . Egg is an excellent food for German Shepherds , as well as for humans. Let’s see why they can eat eggs and what are the benefits of the egg for your GSD :

Is egg is bad for your GSD:

No, this idea is wrong. There are many myths about canine food, and probably this is one of the most unjustified. It is not that the egg is bad for dogs, it is a very beneficial food for them.

Can I give my dog egg?

Yes, dogs can eat eggs , in fact the egg is a great food for dogs  that we can offer to take advantage of all the nutritional contribution of this natural product. 

Benefits of the egg for dogs:

Egg has advantages for German Shepherds at a nutritional level that make it a very interesting food. Egg for provides proteins of the highest quality and high biological value, necessary for the dog to create muscles and tissues and promote cellular well-being.

  • Egg is full of nutrients, but it is low in calories. An egg of 50 grams contributes about 80 Kcal.
  • Egg offers dogs proteins of high biological value , necessary to create and maintain muscles and tissues.
  • The egg contains fatty acids, linolenic acid- Omega 3 , easily digested.
  • Egg contains Biotin in its yolk
  • Egg contains vitamins , such as vitamin D, Vitamin A, Roboflavin, Vitamin B12 .
  • Minerals such as iron, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium in the egg shell .

All these nutrients will translate into physical well-being for our dog. And this is not noticeable internally only , but also on the externally, for example in a healthy and beautiful coat.


In general, dogs benefit from eating eggs as part of their diet, but the egg is particularly indicated for them when:

  • We want to give an extra protein contribution to our dog (for example, a weakened dog that is recovering and needs to gain some weight and strength).
  • Dogs of draft, work or assets that are part a lot your physical activity
  • Pregnant bitches or bitches that are breastfeeding

Egg is good for dogs in moderation:

Can dogs eat eggs ? We have already said yes, but like everything in life, the egg is an excellent food for dogs , but it should be consumed in moderation . That is to say, that the diet of a dog should not be based on eating an egg(that of a human either).

How many eggs per week should a German Shepherd eat? 

Giving your dog 2 to 4 eggs a week is enough .

Can dogs eat fried eggs?

Yes, dogs can eat fried egg .

However, keep in mind that the oil contributes a lot of calories, so if your dog is obese , it is better to cook the egg in another way (see following points).

Hard-boiled . Can dogs eat cooked egg?

The dogs can eat boiled egg perfectly. To do this, simply boil an egg in water WITHOUT salt, for 3 to 5 minutes.

Once you have the hard-boiled egg , you can mix it with your dog’s food , or give it in pieces and use the egg as succulent candy for dogs , which they love!


Raw egg . Can GSD eat raw egg?

Yes, it is also possible. But there are concerns by some that egg contains  salmonella virus which can cause vomitting and diarrhea in German Shepherds.

The  diet BARF(Biologically apropriate raw food) or ACBA (Biologically appropriate raw food ) is a way to feed dogs. It is about preparing dishes with ingredients suitable for dogs , and these are served raw.

The recipes raw feeding use raw egg for dogs as one of its  ingredients .

Is it better to give my dog cooked egg or raw egg ? Strictly speaking, the raw egg is better. Why? Because it preserves much better its nutrients. When cooking the egg, (and other ingredients) components such as certain vitamins sensitive to heat are destroyed, and also the proteins change state.

But, if you are not familiar with the BARF diet or do not feel confident about giving your dog raw egg, do not. Nothing is mandatory here, and you have to do what you find optimal and comfortable. In that case, it is enough to give our dogs cooked eggs (or scrambled eggs ).

Why is it said that the raw egg is bad for dogs ? For fear that they get sick of salmonellosis, as sometimes happens with humans. However, many experts who advocate the BARF diet assure that cases of salmonellosis in dogs are extremely rare , and that dogs in the wild ate whole and raw eggs , so their body and their immune system are prepared for it.

In some cases is the raw egg for German Shepherds unadvisable ? In certain cases it is better to cook the egg (or not to give it directly). When?:

  • If your GSD is allergic to eggs (that is, when your dog eats eggs he has diarrhea , vomiting, a skin rash, etc). In that case we will identify that the egg is the cause of this picture, and we will completely and permanently remove it from our dog’s diet. We must also remove any commercial feed or wet food containing eggs from your diet.
  • Also if you have a dog immunosuppressed because of some disease or its advanced age, it is better to give the cooked egg.

The raw egg in dogs prevents the absorption of Biotin:

This argument is also often used to say that dogs should not eat raw eggs .

In the yolk of the egg there is biotin . And in the egg white there is avidin . Avidin prevents biotin abosorption.

So if a dog eats raw egg it will not be able to absorb biotin ? NO it will . To begin with, the amount of biotin in the egg yolk exceeds the amount of avidin in the egg white. For this deficit of avidin to happen, a dog would have to eat very large quantities of eggs (more than 8 eggs per week ), and at the same time have a diet deficient in biotin.

So how do you prevent egg white from affecting the biotin absorption ?

  • Give the whole raw egg to your dog , but no more than 3-4 eggs per week
  • Do not exceed the amount of raw eggs per week
  • If you prefer, you can separate the egg. Give the raw yolk to your dog, and cook the clear aside, and give it too.

Egg white for dogs

Can I give my German Shepherd egg white? Yes, you can, but why would you want to give it only the clear part? As we have said, egg white is rich in avidin , which prevents the absorption of biotin. So that you give raw egg to your dog, it is much more advisable to give the whole egg to the dog  (and not just the clear one).

Of course, if for some reason you decide or you should give only egg white to your dog , cook it ( do not give only raw egg whites to your dog , for the reasons explained above).

Eggshell for dogs:

Can German Shepherds eat egg shell? An excellent idea is to give your dog the whole egg . That is, the egg washed on the outside, with shell and everything. If it is a big dog, surely it will not have problems in eating that for the young dogs you can break it up . In both cases you can mix the egg with another meal if you wish (with vegetables, meat, liver, etc).

Another option is to store the eggshells, let them dry, and mechanically crush them. Once obtained a fine “powder” can be sprinkled on the dog’s food. The benefits of eggshell for dogs are mainly because of their high calcium intake. By eating the shell egg the dog takes full advantage of the egg’s nutrients, and this becomes a very complete food, which should not be lacking in the diet of our pets.

If you have a dog that camnot eat raw bones , for example, eggshell is a good way to replace that source of natural calcium. In addition another interesting contribution of the eggshell for German Shepherds from the nutritional point of view, is that dogs take the thin membrane that is under the shell, since it is rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen.

As you have seen, the egg is one of the best supplements for natural dogs that exist.

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