How to Stop Sharting?


First off, a word of comfort: sharting (a blend of s**t and fart) is a lot more common mishap than you think! A few days ago, yours truly, Samantha at Healthy Top 10s, had my first “craptastic” mishap at a local supermarket.

I felt a little nauseated that morning and had a bout of burps. I was also queasy but nothing too upsetting to postpone the shopping. I thought to myself, Must be that Shish kebab I had the night before on my way home.

As I was about to head to the checkout, I felt like I needed to pass gas. Looked around, nobody there. What the heck, I’ll just eat one… And I did. But, to my horror, I felt my undies feeling wet and unpleasantly warm. Fortunately, It was quite a chilly morning so I had a longish sweater fully covering my behind.

I rushed to the door, left the cart and in 10 minutes I was at home in the toilet rinsing my undies and jeans and tossing them to the washing machine. After a nice warm shower, I sat at my computer and Googled what just happened. Here’s the summary, ladies!

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What causes wet flatulence, aka sharts?

When your gas has a bubbling sound to it and passing gas is accompanied by liquid stool – you’ve sharted, and it’s no biggie if it happens once in a blue moon. If it gets frequent, however, it may be a sign of:


  • Unhealthy habits: (try adopting a healthy lifestyle)



  • Smoking (causes a number of health issues including upset stomach, diarrhea, excess gas, etc.)
  • Talking too much while eating (causes more air in you digestive system)
  • Eating too fast (causes more air in you digestive system and indigestion problems)
  • Not having a healthy diet (low fiber intake means loose stool and diarrhea)
  • Not spending enough time on the toilet (not all feces are out so forced gas does it for you)



  • Underlying medical issues: (get an appointment if sharting gets really frequent)




How to stop sharting?

Preventing sharting is quite easy (unless you are having a diarrhea for several consecutive days in which case you should see a doctor) and it all comes down to a few proven methods:

Try to empty your bowels completely

Give it a few more minutes when you’re on the toilet. If you don’t make sure that your bowels are completely empty and quit your toilet time in a rush, shating may do it for you. Since a shart in public is no fun, it deserves the extra few minutes,

Avoid foods your stomach doesn’t agree with

Some foods containing lactose or gluten may cause indigestion and irritation to your stomach and bowels. In addition you should avoid hot and spicy food for the same reason. Keep a diary of the foods which cause irritation and leave them out of your diet.

Cut down on the alcohol

Binge drinking from the night before will most likely cause diarrhea the following morning. Alcohol impedes digestion to a really great extent. If you hear and feel gurgling in your tummy, best stay at home till you go to the toilet.

Introduce more fiber-rich foods into your diet

Fiber is proven to promote digestion so you should eat more fiber-rich foods like oats, chickpeas, lentils, artichoke as well as fruit.


A final word of advice: if you have that feeling that your tummy’s not right, if it gurgles or feels bloated, try to stay at home.

If you absolutely need to go out but haven’t been to the toilet, get a sanitary pad into the back of your undies and take a spare pair of both, just in case. Wear darker clothes and do not wear tongs. Regular undies will serve the purpose better.

Once again, sharting happens to all of us. As embarrassing as it is, it’s only human so don’t get upset if it happens to you. Hey, doesn’t the saying goes: “Shit happens…” ?

Stay well, my ladies…


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