Surgical Tape – What is it, and How Should it Be Used?



Have you or anyone in your family or in friend circle ever faced a surgery? If yes, then you are obviously familiar withthe white colouredadhesive tape that covers the wound or c-section. This is nothing but a surgical tape.


Though it’s looks very simple and


What Is Surgical Tape?


All lab medical supply companies like carry surgical tape. In the medical supply business, surgical tape is an absolute mainstay. It is used to dress wounds and to keep bandages secure and in place. Surgical tape can be made of cloth, nylon, foam, paper or tape that has a clear porous consistency. There are also surgical tapes that are waterproof and hypo-allergenic for those who are predisposed to latex allergies. Lengths and widths can vary from 1/2 to 3 inches. Yardage can be typically 10 to 20 feet in length. Also called medical adhesive tape, some contain zinc oxide, which reduces the risk of infection. It’s important to keep a wound well ventilated and clean to promote faster healer.


Where To Find It

Although surgical tape is carried by lab medical supply companies, it can also be found in drug stores, variety stores and grocery stores. Because it’s sold to the general public in these businesses, it is sold at retail prices for retail smaller quantities. It is also found in all medical first aid kits located in businesses and schools throughout the world. Medical clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities tend to purchase quantities of surgical tape through medical supply businesses, because their focus is on wound care and medical equipment and a bulk supply is necessary on a daily basis.


Pressure Sensitive Tape

This tape is used to secure dressing and tape over an injury. It is usually elastic with an adhesive that is built in and breathable. It is wrapped around a wound that has been dressed until the would is secure. The hypoallergenic tape leaves no marks on the skin and is not painful to remove. It is a popular tape used by athletics for ankle and elbow wounds or sore joints.


Waterproof Tape

This tape is obviously water resistant and can be double or single sided. Water will not penetrate this bandage, thus preventing the chance of infection. It insulates the wound from body secretions keeping the affected area more sanitary. It is most always found in homes, first aid kits, clinics and emergency rooms.


Paper Tape,

For those with sensitive or thinner skin, micropore or paper tape is used. The tape has pores to enable it to breath freely and allow the wound to heal better than it might with a tape that doesn’t breath. skin. Because it is gentle on the skin, it is used for dressing wounds that are dressed treated frequently. This tape is touted as being the least harsh on the skin and is frequently used on young children and older adults.


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