The best wrinkle treatment, have you heard of the following two wrinkle removal methods?


  Method 1: eat nucleic acid food more. Nucleic acid is a kind of life information material, some people call it “keep young substance”, which is enough to explain the wrinkle of this material. It not only plays an important role in protein biosynthesis, but also affects other metabolic patterns and metabolic rates. Experts have tested that women can eat about 800 mg of nucleic acid and 2 g of vitamin a day. After four weeks, facial wrinkles will disappear, rough wrinkled skin will become smooth and delicate, age spots, freckles, etc., will also disappear or fade. Therefore, regular intake of nucleic acids can not only delay aging, but also remove wrinkles and skin. As people grow older, their ability to synthesize nucleic acids gradually decreases, so the body can only rely on the intake of nucleic acids from food to supplement the need for nucleic acids. Nucleic acid is rich in many foods, mainly fish, shrimp and shrimp skin, animal liver, yeast, fungus, mushrooms, flowers and pollen, ginseng, honey and so on. If you eat the above foods, you will achieve the purpose of strengthening your health and keeping your face clean.alseo can use the Eye Wrinkle Treatment Machine.

  Method two: eat chondroitin sulfate food. Chondroitin sulfate is also very effective in anti-wrinkle effect, and mainly exists in chicken skin, fish skin, shark fin, salmon head and chicken and shark cartilage. Some people do not like to eat skin or cartilage when they eat chicken or fish. As we all know, chondroitin sulfuric acid is the most important substance that constitutes the elastic fiber of skin dermis. If chondroitin is absent in human diet, the skin will lose elasticity and wrinkles.

Have you ever used American Apple’s stem cell magic combination method? In 2003, scientists discovered a strange, ugly apple which can keep fresh for 4 months in a 3,977-meter-high mixed forest in the northern Swiss Alps. Swiss scientists have discovered Apple stem cells. The Apple stem cells are perfect cure for black eye circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and other eye problems. The Apple stem cells contain the essence of Apple stem cells, while the introduction of “Switzerland instant anti-aging, apple stem cell regeneration technology”. It relies on Apple stem cell essence to repair damaged cells, activate skin autologous stem cell differentiation, produce fresh functional cells, repel aging degenerative cells and exclude them from the body, so as to ensure normal skin function. It also increases the absorption rate of hyaluronic acid, collagen and trace elements by 30 times, and ensures that the new cells are nutrient-rich and the skin is young.

  The Apple stem cells can promote 81% of the cells regeneration, its solution to the black eye, pouch, eye wrinkles is very magical. And it not only can quickly activate the body’s dormant stem cells, but also can repair damaged stem cells to restore their regeneration ability. Starting from new skin cells, the Apple stem cells can quickly and effectively remove pouches, dark circles and wrinkles in the eyes, making the skin tender and full, elastic, tight and glossy.

  1. Do not squint your eyes when watch things, do not blink too often.
  2. If you have myopia or astigmatism, you should wear glasses to correct your eyesight.
  3. Do not neglect the swelling of the eyelids. Instead you should examine the cause and prescribe the right medicine.
  4. Weight loss should be gradual. Because if your weight suddenly be dropped, the corners of the eye skin does not have enough time to adapt to the body fat reduction, will also cause corners of the eye wrinkles.
  5. Do not pull eye skin too hard when makeup.
  6. Add water in time in dry environment, otherwise wrinkles will increase.
  7. Supply sufficient nutrients to the eyes, replenish the lost water, and choose the right eye cream.
  8. Do not daub the eye cream carelessly. Instead you should dip a little eye cream with the ring finger, evenly open the eye cream with the ring finger of the other hand, gently apply to the eyelid, and finally massage five to six times in circles.
  9. Always do eye exercises. Try to keep your eyes open for several seconds. Close your eyes slowly and open them until your upper and lower eyelids are close to touching. Repeat five times a day, several times a day.
  10. Eat high-protein diet, live a regular life, do moderate exercise, do not smoke and do not drink. These are good for eliminating wrinkles around the eyes.

  American Wei-le health care technology does not require injections, surgery, lasers, pure green, and no more facial trauma. American Wei-le health technology can wake up the vitality of facial skin, intelligent activation, relax skin stiffness, nodules, repair damaged cells, activate dormant cells, regenerate apoptotic cells, give the skin unlimited vitality, take you into the time tunnel of slow aging. Doing a Wei-le health care technology is equivalent to 100 times of skin care, but also improve vision, treatment of dry eyes, pain, distension, fatigue, myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia, presbyopia, etc.

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