20 tips to write better every day

Well they say that the three musketeers are not the same as 20 years later. And in the case of writers, this is evident in the evolution of their style. Write better, more forceful, with more tools is the result of hours reading, researching and of course, typing all those ideas on the blank page.

Challenging the flickering cursor of the word processor is a challenge that few will be willing to face. But since we know that you are one of those who have already done it, we want to help you achieve it. We are dedicated to surfing blogs, walking through books, talking with other authors and looking for everything we think could help you to become the writer you always wanted to be.

Let us begin!


Tips on being a writer


  1. reads a lot

The best writers are those who are avid readers. Read about many topics, great authors, will give you a broader view of the literary resources at your disposal.


  1. Avoid distractions

Following the rule of Stephen King, your workspace should be away from distractions. No television or social networks or videos of kittens.


  1. Write every day

Many are the authors who claim to write every day, that includes birthdays and anniversaries. How much you want to write daily will depend on you. John Grishman had 1 page goal, but you can start with a phrase, a paragraph or whatever you want.


  1. Sleep and eat well.

The writer’s life is not that of the bohemian-beatnik-addict-to-almost-everything they show us in romantic movies. To write better, you must take care of your health and habits. Look at Haruki Murakama who runs up to 5 km in the morning and writes for 4 to 5 hours a day!


  1. Write it down, yes you will forget

That great idea that came to you while you were waiting for the doctor, in the supermarket row or in the shower, will escape if you do not put it in writing. You look at these apps for writers that will help you keep those flashes of inspiration.


  1. Create your writing ritual

All writers have a ritual to mark the beginning of their work. Some prefer solitude and silence, others a good cup of coffee, some are more eccentric as TS Elliot, who was putting on green before writing.



Tips to write better

  1. Know your tool

Learn spelling, grammar, go through the dictionaries of doubts. The language is your raw material. Use it with elegance.


  1. Let the reader breathe

Punctuation marks the pace of writing, and pauses the reader. Give them their place in the text.


  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help

There is nothing wrong with requesting the services such as , an editor or proofreader, a graphic designer or another professional who can help you improve your book. In the end, the reader will thank you.





Tips for telling stories

  1. Everyone wants something

To create interesting characters, you must be very clear about what they want. Desire is the great engine of stories.


  1. Nothing is evident

Avoid like the plague the phrase “as we all know”. Your reader does not have to have the same references or knowledge. Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, was passionate about science and although his first readers were engineers and scientists, his story was understandable to everyone.


  1. Eliminate straw

A great story is not measured by the number of words. Monterroso just needed a prayer to tell an unforgettable story. We leave here some of your tips to write better .


  1. Go to the street

The biggest source of inspiration is far from the computer. The experiences, the friends and everything that surrounds us can be the subject of your next book.


  1. Luck is only 1%

There are no black cats or broken mirrors. If you want to write better you will have to work hard. Ryoki Inoue, the world’s most prolific writer, says that a book is 98% sweat, 1% talent and 1% luck.


  1. Say goodbye to the clichés

Say goodbye to the scenes in the rain in the train terminal, never to the evil twins who suddenly appear and all those stereotypes that only make your story is no more than a cluster of familiar stories.


  1. One word at a time

Sure you have many ideas, a lot to tell. Just remember to go one word at a time. This will give you order in the writing and will make you concentrate on choosing the perfect verbs, nouns and adjectives for your work.


  1. Do not get attached to the characters

The characters that most move the reader are those who have achieved great feats or have gone through terrible situations. Do not be afraid to create obstacles in the way. That is what will make your readers fall in love with your book.


  1. Rewrite continuously

Few are the writers who achieve a perfect page the first time. The vast majority rewrites their texts until finally, it appears: a clean and forceful paragraph, one after another.


  1. Always remember why you started writing

Be happy with your writing. We know that there will be creative blocks on the road, days that you will not even want to see your book, but always remember that when you sat down in front of the blank sheet you had a dream: publish your book and share it with the readers.



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