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Does emotions such as anxiety and stress affect cholesterol

When we perceive that the demands of the environment ( family responsibilities, illnesses, professional obligations …) exceed our capacity to face them, the organism generates a physiological response – stress – in which different defense mechanisms participate.

This automatic manifestation does not come alone: ??the levels of physiological and psychological activation increase in such a remarkable way that they can cause diverse effects such as anxiety , joy, satisfaction, anger or sadness.


According to the data released by the MIDUS study, published in July 2014 in the journal Psychological Science , people who maintain stable levels of wellbeing for a period of approximately ten years present, once the follow-up phase, higher amounts of cholesterol HDL or good cholesterol, and lower triglycerides.

Results such as these suggest, in terms of Catalina Romero, that lipid metabolism is emerging as one of the mechanisms involved in the relationship between emotions and health.


The self-knowledge is, according to Laura Solana, responsible for Clinical Psychology of the Integral Center for the Treatment of Anxiety and Stress, key to achieve a satisfactory life: if we are aware of how we relate to life, we will avoid that this exceeds us.

Also, people who live the circumstances they face in terms of opportunity and not as a threat, are able to handle stress more effectively.


4 habits to control cholesterol

To keep cholesterol at bay, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet. But we must also pay attention to other aspects of our life.

  1. Dedicate time to all facets of your life: family, work, leisure, friends. Do not neglect them. And it increases the social contact and the activities that you like more.
  2. Take maximum care of sleep habits: it is essential to sleep eight hours each day to achieve an adequate recovery of the body and curb stress.
  3. It is not advisable to leave the unresolved situations or problems unresolved. For this, it is essential that you establish a good organization and planning of your time.
  4. Follow a balanced diet, chew slowly and consciously, keep regular hours, avoid stimulants and do aerobic exercise and life in nature.

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