Fat freezing cryo lipo – lying can be thin!

As soon as the Spring Festival arrives, we can eat all kinds of food at will, and the fat will be growing quickly. Winter is too thick for the gym, and we have not gone to gym for a few months. Scientists were so helpless with lazy people like us that they invented a very, very high-tech way to lose weight – fat freezing. Since then, farewell liposuction and hungry!

At present, there are a few plastic surgery hospitals have introduced fat freezing cryo lipo equipment, but all of them are American brand “Cool Shaping”. Today what we show you is a more skilled Lipo Cryo freezing fat-dissolving equipment, it is from Spain, has been used in Europe for about 10 years, the effect is bar drop. What many people probably want to know most is the principle of fat freezing cryo lipo, no anesthetics, completely non-invasive, it is on what to lose weight?

Scientists have confirmed that adipocytes will form crystals around 10 degrees Celsius, start the apoptosis process, fat freezing cryo lipo will control the temperature of adipocytes at 8 degrees Celsius, adipocytes apoptosis in succession, in the next month after metabolism, slowly discharged from the body. Lipo Cryo is better than American sculpture in that the temperature is constant, so there is no need to add a layer of paper to the skin surface to avoid damage. To show you the whole process of freezing fat dissolution, the Mini-trauma partners volunteered to take pictures. The doctor wanted to select a comrade with more abdominal fat, so he used a fat thickness gauge to measure it first. Statistics show that the Lipo Cryo freezing fat, each time around 30% fat reduction, a month and a half after the obvious effect can be seen. Depending on the thickness of the adipose tissue and the goal of reducing fat, one to three courses of treatment are generally required, with an interval of 45 days between each two courses.

(1) Cytotherapy will lead to the future medical revolution, including tumor cell immunotherapy plus stem cytotherapy. Cytotherapy refers to the transplantation or importation of normal or bioengineered human cells into patients, and the newly imported cells can replace damaged cells or have stronger immune killing function, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Cytotherapy has shown increasing value in the treatment of cancer, blood diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other aspects. Generally speaking, cytotherapy includes two categories: tumor cell immunotherapy and stem cytotherapy.

(2) Tumor cell immunotherapy: biotechnology can make its own cells fight cancer, including four main categories. Tumor cell immunotherapy is a new tumor treatment mode. It collects immune cells from patients, then cultures and amplifies them in vitro, and then transfuses them back into patients to stimulate and enhance the body’s autoimmune function to treat tumors. Tumor cell immunotherapy is the fourth treatment method after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Tumor cell immunotherapy includes four main categories: adoptive cell immunotherapy, tumor vaccines, non-specific immune stimulation, and monoclonal antibodies in immunoassay sites. Adoptive cell immunotherapy is a hot research topic in the world, which mainly includes TIL, TCR, CAR, LAK, CIK, DC and NK and so on.

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