How to Cut Wood without a Saw

  • The saw is generally considered as the most efficient tool for cutting through wood efficiently. As a result, most of the carpenter uses saw like Rotorazer mini circular saw mainly for cutting woods. However, there are some other tools which you can use for wood cutting. Here in below, we have discussed some of them.

1.    How to cut wood with a sharpened ax

Before the birth of the saws, the ax was the most used tool for cutting woods. Still, a lot of third world countries use an ax for cutting woods. Cutting woods using an ax is a little bit time-consuming and tiresome, but it can give you a precise cut as like as a saw. Here is how you will use the ax for cutting the woods

  1. Make sure that the ax is well-sharpened to cut through the woods efficiently.
  2. Now create a clear line on the wood using the ax along with the point from where you want to start cutting.
  3. Now cut a few inches of the marked line and continue doing this around the wood.
  4. Keep repeating the process until the wood become weak enough to break.
  5. Then break the wood and trim the edges using the axe. You can also use a machete instead of the axe.

2.    How to cut wood with a machete

Saw is not a perfect tool when it comes to cutting the raw woods from the forest but a machete can. A machete may not give you a smooth cut but it can be a great companion when you are cutting raw woods from the forest. Here is how you will cut the woods using the machete:

  1. Recognize the point from where you want to start cutting and mark the point the area around the wood.
  2. Now use the sword to cut smaller bits on the wood in the marked line. Keep repeating this process around the wood.
  3. Repeat the process until the wood becomes weak and break.
  4. The broken wood may have sharpened edges. You can trim them using the machete.

3.    How to cut wood using a sharp knife

Apart from the saw, a sharpened knife can also be a great tool for cutting woods smoothly. A knife can give you the best result while cutting woods which exceed the needed length. It’s true that the saw is the perfect tool for cutting such woods. But when you do not have access to a saw, you can use the knife. Here is how you will use a knife for cutting the woods:

  1. Make sure that the knife has been sharpened properly.
  2. Hold the wood with your one hand and cut the wood on a slanted angle.
  3. Trim the edges properly using the same knife.

There is another way to cut the woods using the knife. For this process, you will cut small bits on the wood and repeat it all around the wood. Then you can break the wood and trim the edges using the knife.  

4.    How to cut wood using a chisel

A chisel is a small tool which is mainly used for creating designs in the woods. Interestingly you can use this tiny tool for cutting woods.  How can you do that? Follow the below process for cutting wood using a chisel.

  1. At first, sharpen the chisel as much as possible.
  2. Put the woods on a flat surface and mark the place you want to cut.
  3. Hold the chisel with your one hand and position the blade on the mark on 16 to 20 degrees angle.
  4. Hold the hammer using another hand and hit the hammer with the chisel.
  5. The force will take the chisel inside the wood. Now put pressure on the handle of the chisel and it will come out with a piece of wood. Now repeat the process on the marked line until the wood is weak to brake.
  6. Break the wood when it becomes wake and trim the edges using the chisel to make it smoother.

In above, we have mentioned some of the popular ways of cutting woods without a saw. Hopefully, these methods will help you to cut woods when you don’t have access to a saw.  

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